Either this was totally on purpose and Tony Allen is the greatest trickster the NBA has ever known OR Tony Allen has a very sweaty neck and the ball just kinda got stuck. Your call.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. His butt didn’t touch the floor? Not impressive.

  2. I’ll take option 3. Tony Allen is a sweaty-necked trickster

  3. That’s why he is called “Trick or treat Tony”

  4. I’m pretty sure he double dribbled

  5. its not a double dribble if the ball never touched the ground, if anything.. you might say it was a self pass and considered a travel but the ball was never really airborne.

    • To me, it looked like he dribbled the ball at least once while chasing it down, picked up said dribble, put the ball on his neck and then dribbled again. Have to agree with the announcer and Siha above. Strong evidence for a double dribble.

  6. Antoine Walker needs to be a Globetrotter #4PointShot

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