A few things had to happen for the Los Angeles Clippers to be branded with the dreaded “Flop City” nickname:

  1. A Chris Paul trade to the Los Angeles Lakers had to be rescinded, then a new one had to be executed that led to CP3 becoming a Clipper;
  2. The Clippers team Paul was traded to had to have a couple of high-flying athletes who are known for dunking;
  3. Those dunkers had to have been being videotaped when they found out the news about the trade, leaving them to exclaim “Lob city!!!” upon hearing the news;
  4. The team had to become the poster boys for the flopping epidemic that has taken hold during this NBA season;
  5. (optional) A rapper had to make a song called “Rack City” that could be turned in to a meme.

As you can see, it was a very tenuous process for the Clippers to end up as “Flop City.” If any of those steps hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have this absolutely hilarious nickname to heckle the team with.

And that, my friends, is why Vinny Del Negro thinks the Clippers shouldn’t be called “Flop City.” Because they don’t flop. Really. From the Orange County Register:

“We’re flopping a lot? I wish we would flop a lot. Maybe we’d get some charges,” he said. “I don’t know anybody on our team that flops. It’s all around the league. I wouldn’t say our team is a flopping team at all — maybe one or two guys. If we get the call, I like it.”

Look, I could prove to you that the Clippers flop a lot by showing you video after video after video of various Clippers flopping at the slightest amount of contact or point to various quotes about the Clippers flopping, but I know you’re smarter than that. You know the Clippers flop all the time. I know the Clippers flop all the time. I’m sure Vinny Del Negro knows the Clippers all the time but he can’t admit it because that would be uncouth. No one would admit that about their own team.

Instead of all that, I’ll just let you know that there are 1.7 million Google results for “Clippers Flop City” and another 42 videos on YouTube, just for good measure. I’m not saying the internet is always right, but I think it’s pretty accurate in this case. It’s like they say, 1,700,042 basketball fans can’t be wrong.

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  1. If you knock someone down while you have the ball, the league should just allow you to step on the face of the person on the floor Not to hurt them or anything, just step lightly on their face. That way, people would only fall if they really got hit hard because they wouldn’t want their face stepped on.

  2. ^^^^ Is a genius.

  3. No wonder even the most zealous Clippers fans want his head… *facepalm*

  4. I loved Reggie Evans when he was in Toronto he worked hard, hustled, and was an amazing rebounder for his size. Now I can’t stand him just because of the flopping and that latest flop against the Hornet was just too much. Flopping needs to be taken out of the league.

  5. Vinny should’ve embraced flop city as his own! But he seems to think nobody on his Clipper team flops, and that they never get calls, you wonder how much watching/coaching of the games he actually does.

    • It’s called denial and as you can see it a hell of a drug…thats if he really thinks they don’t flop. But he knows they do just won’t come out and say it. If he comes out and says it the refs won’t call as many fouls in their favor.

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