The Charlotte Bobcats are terrible, they might be the worst team of all-time, blerbens blerbens blerbens. You’ve heard it all before.

But you haven’t heard what the head coach of the team they’re chasing, the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers, thinks about the team. Here’s Kevin Loughery, courtesy of Fox Sports Florida:

“Talent-wise, they might be the worst team ever,” Kevin Loughery, who coached the 76ers during the second half of their Keystone Kops-like campaign, said of the Bobcats. “We had more talent than they did.” [...]

“They’re just playing with a lot of 10-day contract (type of players) now,” said Loughery, speaking by phone from Atlanta, where he is now retired. “That’s difficult… I know it’s just miserable what they’re going through for (Charlotte coach) Paul Silas, who’s a great guy, and (owner) Michael Jordan, whom I coached. I just hate to see this happen to them.”

It’s impossible to compare different eras of the NBA, so there’s no way to know this for sure. Looking at the Sixers’ roster and comparing it to this year’s Bobcats, both teams seem equally anonymous. Sure, we know who Matt Carroll and Gerald Henderson are now, but that’s because we follow basketball closely. Do you really think you’re going to tell your kids about those guys? Probably not, just like our dads didn’t tell us about Manny Leaks and Leroy Ellis even though those are real people who played lots of minutes for the 76ers.

However, this does make sense for Loughery to say, considering he played for that horrible 76ers team. Yes, played, as he took over as player-coach when the team’s first coach, Roy Rubin, was fired. Of course he’s going to say the 76ers were more talented. Not only was he part of the “talent,” it’s also one of the very few times anyone from that team gets to talk trash. When you win less than 11 percent of your games for a season, you have to savor the moments when you might actually be better than someone else.

All in all, I say we call things even here. Let’s just say both teams sucked and weren’t very talented, then leave it at that. When What If Sports updates their databases with the Bobcats’ terrible stats, we’ll run a simulation, since I’m guessing the 72-73 Sixers won’t make the cut for NBA 2K13. That’s too bad, because this is an argument that definitely needs settling.

(via PBT)