On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Metta World Peace’s seven-game suspension, the Utah Jazz making the playoffs, Big Al’s fourth quarter (and nickname), Gortat’s rough night, Telfair’s up-and-down play, Joe Johnson’s 30-foot prayer, and the still-in-doubt eight playoff matchups. All that, plus pigeons, NBATV broadcasts, and two questions via you about NBA captaincy and this year’s ’04 Pistons.

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  1. way to go Tas, YOUR Jazz go through… would be fair to mention that Suns played without two starters.. anyhow, I completely agree about Gortat… Have seen many games this year, he is shrinking in fourth quarter, spot on…

    • Jazz sat out one starter in Raja Bell, and the other starter who got back (Josh Howard) did very poorly. Jazz were still out w/o Earl Watson (hence, 3rd stringer Jamaal playing), and without C.J. Miles (one of the only guys who has playoff experience on the team).

      Suns had a tough season. In a more perfect world they are healthy are year around and fight for the #6 – #7 seed range.

      • all year round, not are year round. yeesh!

      • he didn’t mention that either LOL… I just tease Tas, we have some history on the subject…

        raja is out for some time, right?…

        nothing against jazz, congrats to them… suns had a good season having in mind expectations…Gentry actually did a great job and got the maximum out of the team…

        it is time to move on though… thank you steve for everything

  2. Going from a lockout to the playoffs is amazing. This season has flown by for NBA fans. Amazing season for the TBJ, as well so far. Great stuff as always! Nash deserves to go to any team he wants to. He has earned it.

    And Go Jazz!

  3. Marcin really couldn’t Score-tat last night, eh guys?

  4. Hey Fellas,

    Great show per usual. I am recycling a question that got lost in the shuffle a few days ago. Tas, where did you find Amare’s PER and defensive efficiency rating at the 4-spot?

    Please advise. Thank you.


  5. am I crazy but i feel like the worst thing the lakers can do is sweep the 1st round and have meta miss the first 3 games of a potential thunder series

    • I was thinkin’ the same thing last night. It’s almost beneficial for them to “drag” a series out …

    • I kind of wonder if the potential for sweeps kept it from being 10 games. If the Lakers swept the first round then got punked by the Thunder, Metta could miss the first game next year.

  6. Man I love when y’all talk shit about the Hawks, its always awesome lol. Can’t stand ‘em.

  7. Absolutely not enough 7 games – look up the NBA pool where (as of now) – 48% say the suspension was NOT long enough. My choice – 10 or length of the play-offs – whichever is longer. That was brutal and TOTALLY intentional.

    Great job otherwise guys.

  8. Am I the only one shocked to find out that NBA players don’t get paid for playoff games? Playoffs obviously help the value of a player down the road, but wouldn’t giving at least a bonus to the players be an obvious incentive for more regular season competitiveness?

  9. If winning isn’t enough incentive, then you shouldn’t be in the NBA.

    It’s an honour to be called Big Al… going back to ‘Happy Days’ and Big Al Delvecchio.

  10. Just wanted to say yesterday’s awards show was tightly produced and well presented, and entertaining half hour + of basketball audio/visual goodness.

    Keep up the good work guys,

  11. trey was right, skeets: everybody calls al jefferson ‘big al.’ as a denver native and a nuggets fan, i can assure you of this. i think the name may have its origins in indiana, where al had a bit of a weight problem. but even the new slimmed down al is worthy of his moniker. have you seen dude’s shoulders? he weighs 250 lbs, which, to me, qualifies as big. after all, his nickname isn’t ‘tall al’ (though most would say he qualifies there, too).

  12. jesus, i meant al harrington.

  13. Josh Howard and Devin Harris on the same team again? Finals for sure. But probably an epic meltdown like the last time they made the finals. Perhaps against the Heat? We like stories right?

  14. So one problem with suspending 8 games instead of 7 is that if the Lakers sweep the first round then conceivable Ron could return for a deciding game 4 against OKC. I don’t think he should be allowed to return for that series, but if you’re choosing between 7 and 8 games the above reasoning may be a factor.

  15. I thought up some nicknames that might be better than Big Shot Dan for Danny Granger.

    1) Lon-Granger (hitting those long range shots)


    2) Wham, Bam Thank Ya Dan! (why the hell not?)

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