Late in the fourth quarter of last night’s Hawks win over the Clippers, a broken play ended with the ball in Joe Johnson’s hands, facing away from the basket with the shot clock running out. JoeJohn did what anyone would do in that situation — he took a couple of old man dribbles to shield the ball from Eric Bledsoe, heaved an almost no-look 31-footer towards the rim and promptly sunk the game-icing three. No big deal. Just another bananahands kind of shot for a guy who’s hit his fair share this season.

The most amazing part, however, was Joe’s stone-faced reaction, like he totally meant to bank in a 3-pointer from that far out. News flash — he didn’t mean to. From the AP:

”The craziest I ever hit in a game” was how Johnson described it. ”I had no clue how much time was left or what even happened,” he said. ”I just heaved it up there. I wanted to at least hit the rim. I accidentally made it.”

At least he’s honest. Not only was JoeJohn not even trying to make the shot, he also missed the rim, which is really what he was trying to hit.

This revelation makes his reaction even better. How do you keep such a straight face when you know what just happened was completely and totally unintentional? Either Joe Johnson has the greatest poker face in league history or his prefrontal cortex has been rewired. Even Tim Duncan would smile at making a shot like that and the smiling protocol he just had installed hasn’t yet been tested.