Ballin: Paul Millsap went for 26 and 15, Al Jefferson went for 18 and 16, Derrick Favors went for 13 and 11. That means those three bros grabbed as many boards (42) as the entire Suns team, which is why that entire Suns team are missing the playoffs.

Not so much: The Heat’s two leading scorers in last night’s game were Dexter Pittman (12) and James Jones (11). No one else was in double-digits, they scored 66 points on the evening and it’s almost like they decided a game against one of their heated rivals didn’t matter. But that would never happen in the NBA, would it?????

Vintage: Joe Johnson may be horribly overpaid, but he’s still made a whole bunch of crazy shots this season. Here’s the latest.

I bet he didn’t call bank, so the next guy can just shoot it normal style.

Doink: Metta World Peace has been suspended seven games for throwing a bow at James Harden’s mohawk. You probably already knew this, but I just wanted to get it out there for some closure. Feel free to discuss your feelings in the comments.

G’d up: Here’s a cool way to win $25,000.

Tough break for this guy, though. If he’d have hit from three-quarters court, the shot would have been worth $1 million. But judging by this bomb, I’d say halfcourt is pretty much the extent of his range.

Boozerish: Marcin Gortat took eight shots in last night’s loss to the Jazz. Five of those shots were blocked, more than double the number (2) that went in.

This again: Last night, more than a month after he was traded to the Nuggets, “Inside the NBA” ran a Top 5 worst JaVale McGee moments, all of which are from his Wizards days.

Did you know that JaVale McGee and DeMar DeRozan are the only NBA players who have double capital letters in both their first and last names? Now you do.

Buckets: Through one quarter in the Kings-Thunder game, the score was 40-35. Through one half of the Heat-Celtics b-team game, the score was 34-28.

Other things: A couple highlights missing from the internet that I’d like to see — Jeff Teague’s blocking Caron Butler’s three and Jamaal Tinsley dropping a behind-the-back pass to Alec Burks … Shoutout to Marquis Daniels’ electric lime Under Armour kicks. Even C.J. Watson loves ‘em … Carmelo Anthony wants Mike Woodson to remain head coach of the Knicks … Hilarious commercial for the Pacers going in to the playoffs … Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter are beefing, if you care