So many things about this video, my friends:

  • This is what a lot of NBA players looked like in 1985 and not just in Utah.
  • If you saw these four guys together in a jacuzzi, you would go straight for the pool and wait until they were done. It’s never fun hanging out with mustachioed dudes in a hot tub, especially when they are probably wearing cutoff jean shorts.
  • John Stockton makes jokes? Sure.
  • Even if you are expecting it, getting pulled head first in to a hot tub does not seem enjoyable at all. Too chloriney.
  • I love how Jim Nantz doesn’t really know where to sit after he’s been pulled in, so kind of accidentally drifts towards Bobby Hansen before readjusting his aim and finding a seat.
  • The chest hair quotient here is very high.

I don’t know who we have to talk to to get more hot tub interviews, but we should do it. If you guys have any idea who to call, just let me know.

(via Awful Announcing)