To be honest, it kind of feels like we’ve all been waiting on a Steve Francis rap song ever since he was drafted, way back in 1999. If there were ever a player who came in to the NBA and seemed like he’d some day release an ill-conceived rap song about how ballin’ he is, Steve Francis might be at the top of the list. I wouldn’t have guessed that he’d sound like Young Jeezy updating a Ja Rule duet, but I would have guessed he’d try to rap. That’s zero percent surprising.

My next candidates, in no particular order:

  • Brandon Jennings
  • Joakim Noah
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • Devin Ebanks
  • Nate Robinson

There are obviously a lot of other guys who will probably release rap songs in the next few years, but those guys feel like locks to me. If you feel like offering some better suggestions in the comments, go for it.

(via I Am a GM)