On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss: what we know, and don’t know, about the convoluted playoff picture; Steve Nash’s future; Kobe and Durant’s scoring race; and whether the Bobcats can avoid making history. All that, plus intriguing playoff match-ups, disappointing teams, and wardrobe timing.

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  1. I know it sort of goes against Tas’s “He doesn’t want to go to a team that’s already contending” but if the Thunder flame out this year I think that could work. Move Westbrook over to the 2 to start and then let him run the point when Nash is resting. OKC’s offense stagnating is their biggest problem so I think Nash could help address that.

  2. Great to see you guys on the front page of NBA.com this morning linking your Nash discussion! Good show guys!

  3. Portland has been interested in Nash.

  4. Dear TBJ

    Longtime listener, first time caller. I started listening/watching your wonderful show at the beginning of the season, since I first heard you on Grantland and have since watched almost every day. I deeply respect you but I am fed up. Over the past 3 years I have consistently heard the national media slam the Hawks. As a Hawks season ticket owner and a very personal friend as to one of the owner’s sons, I am deeply offended. The Hawks always get criticized for overpaying Joe Johnson, the lack of care in the ownership, the boring and “lackluster” style of our team, and being an overall mess. I admit that Joe Johnson somewhat overpaid, but he has made 6 straight all star games. Joe Johnson isn’t even one of the top 10 highest paid player in the league, but I always hear about how he is the highest paid player in the NBA. Joe Johnson has been extremely clutch this season and he and Jsmoove have carried this Hawks team in the absence of Al Horford. The Hawks are 7th highest paid team in the NBA. Everybody think the Hawk’s owners cheap, but the 7th in the league. C’mon son! I am sick of hearing Marvin Williams be railed on. I know, I know he was drafted ahead of CP3, but its not like the hawks shocked everybody taking him. Marvin was the consensus 2 or 3 in that draft. Jsmoove is one of the most exciting players in the league with electrifying dunks. Smith also runs the floor hard and plays some serious D. Teague is a solid young PG who is a great passer runs the floor like a fricken gazelle and is still developing his jumper. JJ hits big shots time after time along with Horford manning the post. The Hawks also knocked off the Magic last year after the experts picking against us. Jameer even told D-rose at the end of the season that he would see him in the 2nd round. The Hawks have made the playoffs the last 4 years and are going into the playoffs this year with the 4th best record in the east. Once again I love yalls show, but please give the A-town hawks some luv. #TBJ
    BT-Dubs did you JoeJohn jimmer range 3

    Yours truly, Henry westside

    • Thanks for the message, Henry. Appreciate the passion.

      We, and the media, haven’t given the Hawks enough cred this year for surviving without Al Horford. I agree with that.

      I suppose we just don’t expect them to accomplish anything in the playoffs. If you listened/watched our show last year, you would’ve heard my love for Jeff Teague. Skeets backs Josh Smith more than anyone else in the universe, but I think we don’t mention them as much as other squads because we don’t have much in the expectation department for them.

      You’ll definitely hear us talk about them in the postseason.

    • Your thoughts are very similar to those of Henry G. Simons from Ep. 806. Uncanny.

  5. Youre going down Melas, for sure! 23 straight losses for the bobkittens? 23? Yes Jordans Nr.!

    Also, id like to see Steve go to TO. With Jonas and next years Lottery Pick they could make some noise. Especially seeing as you thougt NJ could have made the playoffs.

  6. Doesn’t Nash go to Dallas to play house with his bestie Nowitzki?

    I want to see the Kings run double teams and traps at Kobe to prevent him from getting the title as an eff you to the Lakers.

  7. What about the Magic for Nash? Maybe the Magic to trade Nelson for another wing player.

  8. That interview with nba.com was the most unprepared interview by the nba.com guys. I feel like they tried to humiliate the Canadians. What a trio of DBs. TBJ you held it down. F Kenny Smith. Hes an embarassment.

  9. Kenny is a douche bag. Sorry TBJ, not all Americans are as arrogant as that. Just because youre Canadian doesnt mean you dont know basketball any less than they do. Just pathetic to listen to them snickering while you guys talk. Way to hold it down TBJ.

  10. Definitely agree with Tas, “HCA” sounds horrible out loud. “Home court” is less syllables and makes a lot more sense.

  11. Recently on the jump they agreed that Tas looks like Rick Astley. He’s never gonna give you up, he’s never gonna let you down. You guys have to have Tas sing that song for his bookoff payoff, don’t let us all down!

    Collis Rost

  12. Wow, that NBA-TV interview was just terrible – on their part. Obviously part of the awkward pauses was the connection lag, but it did also seem like they just didn’t know what to say. That and they weren’t fully listening to your answers, or even to their own questions.

    Overall, there was a condescending tone to it, and I can’t help but think it’s because TBJ is Canadian (I don’t see the same sort of interview taking place if the podcast were from the market of a different ‘off-the-radar’ team like Minneapolis or Milwaukee).

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