Sign: The Permissive Orangey
Concept: “Thanks for your eight wonderful years. We understand if you want to leave.”
Verdict: This is a wonderful sentiment, and one I think most Suns fans agree with. Steve Nash played eight great years in Phoenix, two of which are gravy. If he wants to chase a championship at age 38, I don’t think anybody would blame him. We’ll see what they have to say if he signs with the Miami Heat, but for now, this is how a lot of people feel. Points off, however, for taking maybe 90 seconds to write this sign. More points off for the superfluous 13 that seems thrown on for no good reason.

Score: 7.9 (out of 10)

Sign: The 8×10 Glossy (on the left)
Concept: “This could be Steve Nash’s last game and I’m sitting near the tunnel. I better bring something for him to sign, just in case.”
Verdict: Pretty much the only “sign” that could be worse than this is tearing out a picture from a newspaper, folding it up in your jeans and forgetting it was there for two weeks, putting your jeans through the wash, then wearing those same jeans to this game, only to realize it might be the last time you’ll see Steve Nash in a Suns uniform, so you reach in your pocket and pull out this crusty picture and hold it up like it’s a real thing. After that comes this. Step your sign game up.

Score: 1.4 (out of 10)

Sign: The Giant Penis (on the right)
Concept: “I’m going to be on TV, so I am going to draw a giant penis for laughs.”
Verdict: Well, this is just a drawing of a penis, so I don’t know what you want me to say. Needs more veins?

Score: 10.0 (out of 10)

Sign: The Angry Mob (in the middle)
Concept: “If Steve Nash tries to leave, we’re chasing him down.”
Verdict: I am very confused about the thinking behind this sign. It’s in orange, and it looks like it’s being held by Suns fans, so I guess they are trying to say they want to keep Nash. But then why would they say “Let’s get him?” It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe they are saying that if Steve Nash leaves, they will chase him with flaming torches and pitchforks, like he is a monster. Beats me.

Score: 2.7 (out of 10), 6.3 if you read it as “Let’s Get Nashty,” as some commenters have suggested

Sign: The Giant Head
Concept: “Well, I’ve got this giant Steve Nash head, so I might as well bring it.”
Verdict: I dipped in to the Getty Images database to figure out when this picture is from, since it’s obviously not Nash’s current hair, and I’d guess it’s from the Suns’ 2010 Media Day. Which means this guy has either had a humongous Steve Nash head for a year and a half or he just decided this was his favorite Steve Nash look. Either way, interesting choice. Hairstyle aside, I like the reaction of the guy in the blue t-shirt who is like, “UGH, enough with the giant head. Geez.”

Score: 6.2 (out of 10)

Comments (27)

  1. Pretty sure that sign says “Let’s Get Nashty”

  2. Giant Penis at sports game has been done, case in point

  3. On the front of the Suns’ studio desk: “BE A SIXTHMAN MEMBER” … hence The Giant Penis.

    11.0 (out of 10)

  4. I’ll give the penis sign a 100/10 for the fact that it’s being held up by a teenage girl.

  5. Agree with Isaac, the sign definitely seems to say “Let’s Get Nashty”. Come on, you pun-gun maniacs didn’t see that one coming (the sign, not the penis)?

  6. There’s a KOBE SUCKS sign (two, in fact) at a Spurs-Suns game?

    It’s stunning (and sad) to see that somebody hates a basketball player so much that he bought tickets to a game between two random teams, for none of which this player actually plays, just to vent his rage.

    • or alternatively, there was a pro-suns/nash message on the reverse of the two parts that they’d used for a suns/lakers game previously?

    • my thoughts were that the two people were not together. Some guy had a a sign that says Kobe-maybe he’s saying he wants Nash to play with Kobe, I don’t know. Also it’s Phoenix, which is Laker fan heavy. so it’s possible the guy brought a Kobe sign to say, “I’m a Laker fan but my friends dragged me here and I don’t care about this matchup.” Either way, then someone wrote “sucks” on the back of their sign to hold up next to it on TV to foil this Laker fan’s plan. I could totally be off base, just my initial thoughts.

    • maybe the 3 signs are meant to go together. the 3 signs at the top from left to right read…

      “kobe” “sucks” “(picture of penis)”

  7. Heads up, Zyndrunas Ilgauskas sighting to left of the giant Nash head.

  8. The guy in the blue is just envious of Nash’s glorious hair.

  9. is “OK” underlined because he wants him to go to Oklahoma setting up durant and westbrook?

  10. In the first pic, the woman sitting next to the orange shirt guy looks an awful lot like female Steve Nash. Don’t know why she’s so bummed though, cut her hair short and she’ll be getting free steak dinners for the next 5 years in Phoenix.

  11. creeper alert on the last pic with the big head Nash…did anybody notice the older guy in the orange with white sweater over his shoulders (classic creeper btw) trying to sneak a peak on the chick’s cell phone in front of him. The chin in the hand/elbow lean also a great creeper classic well executed

  12. comparative to the balls, that penis is small, or those testicles are huge


    There is the whole video my friends. All hail the giant cock

  14. I love my “let’s get nashty” sign. Every home game we won I ran down the street saying “let’s get nashty” I had a lot of fun. I also am guilty for that penis but not sure how it got handed to me.

  15. And you are all perves because when I say let’s get nashty I mean let’s play hard and nashty. #over thought because of penis.

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