At this point, almost everyone likes Tony Allen. Sure, there are those guys that are frustrated by his defense, Celtics fans who are mad that he tore up his knee while missing a dunk after a foul call and a few people in Chicago that probably still want him murdered, but Tony Allen has gone from pointless bench player to everyone’s favorite perimeter defender in the course of two seasons. Probably because of the hands-behind-the-back thing.

On the other side of the court, however, things are a little more dicey. Even though he’s a much improved offense player, there are still times when he totally botches a wide-open layup. And for that, he pays. Literally. From Sports Illustrated’s Zach Lowe, who had an excellent interview with the Grizzlies grinder: You’re also entertaining on fast breaks because, I’m sorry to say it, you have missed a lot of breakaways. I heard you on the Chris Vernon Show the other day, on the radio in Memphis, saying the team has a system now where you have to pay $100 for every missed breakaway. Whose idea was that?

Allen: It was Marc Gasol. We were in the training room one day, and he said, “I know what I’ll do to make you stop missing those layups. Every time you miss one, you have to pay everyone on the team $100.” I said, “OK,” and right after that, we played New York, and I’ll never forget: I got a wide-open layup and I missed it. How much money are we at now?

Allen: I don’t know. Have you paid? Or is it a running tab?

Allen: It’s a running tab. We’ll deal with it when we get our playoff shares.

To really figure out how expensive this is, we’d need clarification from Tony and Marc Gasol on if “Pay everyone on the team $100″ means that each player gets $100 of Tony’s money or if that hunnit goes to a kitty that is equally distributed amongst the teams. That’s the difference between $100 and $1200 for a missed layup. When you miss as many layups as Tony Allen does, that’s super important.

According to Basketball-Reference, Tony Allen’s missed 88 layups this year. Obviously they’re not all wide-open, but if even half of them are, that’s between $4,400 and $52,800. If I were Tony Allen, I’d check the fine print on Marc Gasol’s offer. When you’re making $3.15 million, this isn’t a huge concern, but it’s still nice to have some walking around money.