Ballin: The Cleveland Cavaliers’ leading scorer is someone by the name of D.J. Kennedy, who is supposedly this guy. It was his first career NBA game and he led the team in scoring with 12 points, so he might as well retire because he is at the top of the mountain.

Not so much: Dang it, Charlotte Bobcats. I really thought you’d pull off the upset against the Magic, but you had to go and lose by seven. You almost made me look so smart. Instead, you have to beat the Knicks tonight to avoid being the worst team ever. Godspeed.

We want beans: Do you think the Phoenix Suns fans are going to miss Steve Nash? Probably.

Do not worry.

They got Steve: And here’s Steve Nash’s return and subsequent ovation.

Cool moment. Very awesome of Alvin Gentry to put him back in to get a serious ovation. It’s just too bad the mid-2000s Suns were completely star-crossed, because I have to imagine that’d be a pretty great place for an NBA Finals.

Boulder holder: Congratulations to Spurs coach Mike Budenholzer for winning his first ever front-to-back basketball game as a head coach. After Gregg Popovich — and his besties Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker — went back to San Antonio for “personal reasons” that are really probably “let’s start preparing for the Jazz reasons,” Budenholzer took over and pulled a classic San Antonio beating Phoenix maneuver. He’s a true Spur.

Behindsies: Legitimate Washington Wizards highlight coming at you.

How does it make you feel that John Wall and LeBron James are tight thugs, which is what we called best buds in grades 6-8 at Plano Middle School?

Spoilers: Is it not kind of amazing that the Bobcats are the team who will help decide where the Knicks play their first round playoff series? If the Knicks beat the ‘Cats tonight, they’re the seventh seed, taking on the Heat. If they lose, and the 76ers beat the Pistons, they play the Bulls. So pretty much, the Knicks are playing the Heat.

Non: One last Serge Ibaka rejection for the road.

Unless JaVale McGee blocks 111 shots tonight, Serge is your blocks leader for the season. Really hope JaVale tries to pull off the comeback.

John Clay John Ho: J.J. Reddick set his career-high in points last night, scoring 31 against the Bobcats. Congratulations?

Locked in: Pacers-Magic in Indiana and Spurs-Jazz in San Antonio are the only set in stone playoff matchups we have thus far. Tonight, all will be revealed. LOST.

Other things: Kobe Bryant needs 38 points tonight to pass Kevin Durant for the scoring title. He’s going to play, so I’m expecting somewhere in the region of 50 points … More like Vinny Del HugroMichael Jordan on the Bobcats (talking, not playing) … Sounds like Antawn Jamison is leaving the Cavaliers. Can’t blame him … More on Billy Hunter’s shady business dealings