Ever since JaVale McGee was traded to the Nuggets, less and less JaVale McGee stuff has been happening to the NBA player who single-handedly brought back the term “knucklehead.” It was still a hilarious season for the blog ages, but things certainly slowed down after the trade deadline.

That’s why it’s good to know JaVale still has what it takes to end up on the wrong side of a highlight. (And to be fair, the right side of one too.)¬†Getting dunked on isn’t a big deal, but it’ll be nice to add something from his Denver days to the lowlight reel. Even if nothing crazy happens tonight against the Timberwolves, this is a fitting end to the funniest season in NBA history.

Three cheers for JaVale McGee. Hip hip … hooray!

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  1. The whole OKC team (except for Westbrook a little bit) was like “nbd”

  2. That was an insane cram. Two hands, right on top of a shotblocker with force.

    Really underrated. If it had been Blake Griffin, everyone would be semi-masterbating to it.

  3. It seems like Durant went out of his way to dunk on somebody after the Artest “incident”. Did you read his comments about how he blames himself for what happened to Harden!? “I shouldn’t have let [Artest] dunk on me” ! THAT is way people love Durant.

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