There wasn’t much basketball to be seen in the basketball parts of last night’s season finale of “South Park,” but the parts that were there are pretty true to life. You’ve got Chris Andersen’s tattoos, JaVale McGee catching an alley-oop and Nick Young’s curly pseudo mohawk/”808s and Heartbreak” Kanye West haircut.

All they needed was a bunch of flopping and Kenneth Faried’s dreads to make this perfect, but still pretty good. JaVale accidentally killing Kenny would have been a nice touch, too, but I don’t want to be presumptuous.

Comments (4)

  1. No wonder McGee was able to get that alley, he had Butler on the switch.

  2. there was also a detlef schrempf reference, go back to the scene where eric tries reviving the cupid (look at the writing on the shoebox)

  3. that game happened before the nuggs traded for mcgee

  4. what lazy animation.

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