You’ve probably seen the new Brooklyn Nets logo that’s been floating around the internet for the past few days. And you’ve maybe even seen the Photoshopped picture of Jay-Z wearing the new Nets logo on a t-shirt like he would ever consider wearing something like that to a concert. You are hip to what this kind of stuff is going to look like on various clothing items.

But now, finally, we get a chance to see what this new logo actually looks like on fan gear, thanks to a couple of retailers who accidentally put their memorabilia out before the official announcement this coming Monday. The results are pretty underwhelming.

As you can see, the Nets are definitely going with the oft-rumored black/white color scheme (with maybe a little gold thrown in here and there), which makes sense when you consider that Jay-Z was heavily involved in the branding and he’s Mr. All-Black Everything. The hat on the basketball kills me. It’s like, “Yeah, one of our owners is a rapper so we’re down with the streets.” The no vowels Brooklyn is also super trendy and super Brooklyn. It’s going to get so many reblogs.

Literally nothing about these give you any hint that they are for an NBA team. These look like shirts you would buy from Old Navy for $5. City name, a letter and a basketball –that is a go-to generic t-shirt combination.

Black and white can look good on uniforms — the Spurs always look cool and those all-black Miami Heat jerseys have gotten some props — so we can reassess things on Monday when the actual jerseys make their debut. But for now, not a great start. This is pretty boring stuff, like what fans of fictional teams in movies wear in crowd shots. As long as things don’t go “Kingdom Come,” I’ve got faith Jay-Z can pull off something decent. Things will get better. Hopefully.

(via UniWatch)

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  1. If Al Davis was still alive, he’d definitely be bringing up some trademark lawsuits with Jay.

  2. that is some weak ass shit logo, almost as bad as the okc logo than doesn’t incorporate anything related to thunder

  3. That basketball wear his hat like a tool.

  4. I completely agree with the part about the $5 dollar Old Navy Tee haha.

    So they are going to keep the team as the Nets or is this not released yet?

  5. I think the gear looks clean, simple and fresh. I don’t really know what you people were expecting? All classic logo’s are simple. Think of any team (in any sport) that tries something crazy/weird. They always end up changing their look every 5 years.

  6. I like the hat, but yeah the rest is whatever. You’d think they’d fit a little more real BK into the stuff. They’ve had years.

  7. Look, we could have something like the Miami Marlins.

  8. They’ll still charge $25 for that crap…

  9. Considering the terribleness of the New Jersey jerseys of the last decade, clean black and white is definitely an upgrade. A little sad that they didn’t decide to go with the retro red, blue and whites a la Washington, but man, way better than the forgettable red, greyish blue that they’ve been sporting. And if Jay-Z can up Puffy on the jersey design, that’s just another feather in his cap.

  10. I think it’s pretty fresh actually.

    And if you’ve been to Brooklyn any time recently, you’ll see how this style will fit right in.

    You think of hipsterism with Brooklyn, but It’s also easy to forget how much hipster style is influenced by hip hop (and now the other way around.) It all comes to a confluence in Brooklyn.

    The Nets’ll nab a big free agent in the next three years. They’ll probably still get Howard. They’ll be the “coolest” team in the league once they can get to a semi respectable record .500-ish record.

  11. Where were those photos taken, who is selling the shirts, can they be purchased now? Thanks!

  12. The basketball wearing the hat is dumb dumb dumb but I quite like the rest of it. Really clean look to it all so far. Should they maybe work in a net though?

  13. Looks boring as hell. i’m shocked that there is Illuminati imagery. The current New Jersey stuff looks better than that.

  14. @dave homeless
    When you get a chance, please link me to a picture of what thunder looks like. Thanks.

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  16. Where were those photos taken, who is selling the shirts

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