You’ve probably seen the new Brooklyn Nets logo that’s been floating around the internet for the past few days. And you’ve maybe even seen the Photoshopped picture of Jay-Z wearing the new Nets logo on a t-shirt like he would ever consider wearing something like that to a concert. You are hip to what this kind of stuff is going to look like on various clothing items.

But now, finally, we get a chance to see what this new logo actually looks like on fan gear, thanks to a couple of retailers who accidentally put their memorabilia out before the official announcement this coming Monday. The results are pretty underwhelming.

As you can see, the Nets are definitely going with the oft-rumored black/white color scheme (with maybe a little gold thrown in here and there), which makes sense when you consider that Jay-Z was heavily involved in the branding and he’s Mr. All-Black Everything. The hat on the basketball kills me. It’s like, “Yeah, one of our owners is a rapper so we’re down with the streets.” The no vowels Brooklyn is also super trendy and super Brooklyn. It’s going to get so many reblogs.

Literally nothing about these give you any hint that they are for an NBA team. These look like shirts you would buy from Old Navy for $5. City name, a letter and a basketball –that is a go-to generic t-shirt combination.

Black and white can look good on uniforms — the Spurs always look cool and those all-black Miami Heat jerseys have gotten some props — so we can reassess things on Monday when the actual jerseys make their debut. But for now, not a great start. This is pretty boring stuff, like what fans of fictional teams in movies wear in crowd shots. As long as things don’t go “Kingdom Come,” I’ve got faith Jay-Z can pull off something decent. Things will get better. Hopefully.

(via UniWatch)