There are few things non-JaVale McGee related in the NBA that are funnier than a guy who doesn’t usually wear a headband deciding to wear a headband. It’s been years since Derek Fisher wore an earmuff-styled band, but we still have laughs about it. However, when a whole team sports the terrycloth in honor of a retiring franchise legend, that is pretty great stuff.

That’s exactly what happened in Detroit last night, where the majority of the Pistons reached for headbands to commemorate Ben Wallace’s last game in the NBA. (The Timberwolves did the same thing for Brad Miller, but there are fewer pictures and Brad was pretty headband ambivalent there for awhile, so let’s let the Pistons have their season in the sun. Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio killed it though. Great job, guys. Beautiful smiles.) As expected, a bunch of guys looked hilarious, Jonas Jerebko chief among them, but it’s the kind of small thing that makes the NBA awesome.

After the jump, have a look at some of the Pistons in their finest headbands.

You might be wondering if Ben Wallace liked this tribute. The answer, simply, is duh.

Of course Ben Wallace liked it. Look at that smile. You’ve probably seen it seven times in his career, but a team full of guys wearing headbands because Ben Wallace is so synonymous with headbands that the Chicago Bulls made an exception to their no headbands rule so that he could wear one is enough to make anyone smile, even Big Ben. Just a great tribute on a great night for one of the greatest Pistons of our generation.