Ballin: In a season where neither LeBron James nor Jason Kidd pulled off a triple-double, the Raptors’ Ben Uzoh threw one down in last night’s win against the Nets, going for 12 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists.

Not so much: Cool night in the NBA, where six of the 13 games on the last night of the season were decided by 20 or more points and another four had margins of victory of at least 12. Just a great effort by everyone.

Great vibe: Just a bunch of NBA guys dancing. No bigs.

Kind of hilarious that Nikola Vucevic and J.J. Hickson have the exact same limited dance move repertoire.

Throwback: Seven threes in the second quarter for Ben Gordon, part of the 11 the Pistons hit in that quarter, tying an NBA record.

Another throwback: What is this, 2004?

Miss you, Amar’e Stoudemire’s functioning legs.

Spotted: At the Grizzlies-Magic game — Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. No word on whether or not they were wearing jerseys with clever names and numbers on the back.

Obvious: The Charlotte Bobcats set the record for the NBA’s worst winning percentage of all-time. Barely news at this point, but here’s a fan yelling at Paul Silas because the team sucks.

Fitting end: It took two weeks for Shaq to cuss on “Inside the NBA.” He ended the regular season by doing it again.

To make up for it, he dropped a terrible freestyle rap over a great DJ Shadow beat. He should get fined for this. The swear is whatever, but this is offensive.

Rumours: I heard Jerry Stackhouse blocked a dunk attempt by Brandan Wright, but I won’t believe it until I see it.

Other things: Ray Allen is “probable” for the Celtics’ playoff opener … Great tanking strat by the Warriors — becoming the first team in NBA history to start five rookies … Isiah Thomas and Mike Woodson just had dinner together, so haha Knicks fans … A Miami Heat fan beat up the Phoenix Suns gorilla … Sounds like Larry Bird is done with the Pacers