This is why we need the internet, for videos like this. You’ve probably noticed Rajon Rondo doing weird things when the Celtics win the game’s opening tip — the football play and the header got some dap earlier this season — but you would have never realized how weird it is that he does something every time if someone hadn’t taken the time to stitch together all of these. Now, you’ll never not notice Rajon Rondo when the Celtics are getting ready to start a game.

On the flip side, now that this has been broadcast to the internet, it’s easy to see some coach (probably Tom Thibodeau) figuring out a way to exploit this little joke and force a turnover, just for two extra points. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen. This is too good to lose so quickly. Keep being weird, Rajon Rondo.

(via Deadspin)