On today’s postseason edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown all eight series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Does Rondo deserve a one-game suspension for humping an official? Should Thibodeau be blamed for Rose’s torn ACL? Can Tyson Chandler play the high-post? Did you turn off the Clippers-Grizzlies game? And how incredible is Andrew Bynum? All that, plus insane comebacks, LeBron’s mouthguard, Chris Duhon’s incredible travel dance, Z-Bo’s pushups, Manu’s sweet dimes, Reggie Evans, and so much more.

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Comments (16)

  1. What did Tas mean about the injuries are even? As in the ratio of injuries to games? (When comparing the shorten season to the regular 82 games) or the number of injuries in the shorten season is the same or close to the number of injuries in a normal season?

  2. Really enjoying Chris Webber calling games. Also Shaq is still as irritating and useless on the panel as at the beginning of the year.

  3. Was this the craziest opening weeked in a while?

    D-Rose injury
    Miami blowout/Shump injury
    Orlando upset
    Durant game winner/whole 4th quarter
    Bynums triple double and tying playoff block record
    Rondo getting ejected and suspended
    the insane Clipper comeback

  4. Trey’s new haircut and the game summary graphics are looking good.

  5. So, just for the record, we all agree that Pop is the best coach in basketball ?
    I mean : he’s the only coach who can really win you a series. Not a game, a series.

    Sooo… could we just get him a COY award already ?

  6. Thanks for being the only basketball media guys who give the Hawks due credit.

  7. Rondo made a dumb play, no doubt. But you guys just glossed over the fact that the ref possibly cost the Celts the game. Not one, BUT two bad calls in the last 2 minutes in a 4 point game. I’m still wondering why they didn’t check the replay when the ball went out on Smith. Refs in the NBA should be more accountable…

  8. The Denver Nuggets sound effect kills me.

  9. Nick Young took a dump (shot?)! Griffin hit 2 clutch FT’s come on. #CLIPset

  10. Lol Bosom. Nice choice of words there Tas.

  11. Whoa. Wait a second, you think Thibs should have removed Rose even AFTER watching the Grizz piss away a 20+ point lead?

  12. hows it going tbjers, if yall interested in reading extra NBA analysis, please check out my blog (tas melas inspired name) with one of my friends: flopcity.wordpress.com
    much respect for tbj, long time fan

  13. TBJ had the Western Conference logo up for Boston and Atlanta scores

  14. TREY! Where did you get your amazing shirt which can be seen during your Pun Gun segment? :)

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