Oh, so this is why they called him “the Big Burrito” in high school. Makes sense now.

Another couple snaps after the jump in case you don’t believe this is real.

(via Clif Williamson)

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  1. Bet he’s a chill bro. Wish I went to his high school.

  2. dem tight shorts….

  3. Seven foot John Candy

  4. So did Allan Iverson next to him…

  5. looks like justin bieber.lol

  6. LOL what a retard, MUAHAHAHHAA

  7. The shorts remind me of matadores. So chiney they arrrrr in eSpain.

  8. Looks like he’s going up against 3rd graders! Feel sorry for number 11!

  9. Just waiting for a “no muscle definition” comment by Tas.

  10. I wonder if he ate any children after they made fun of him.

  11. He’s so big! A burrito indeed

  12. duuuuhhhhhhh witch way did he gorge ..witch way did he go…

  13. The poor kid who is trying to defend him in the post is seeing his life flash before his eyes.

  14. goddamn STEVEHOLT!! got fat.

  15. fj3etj5mnjfjnsd kasyno internetowe gjmn3i9fjhishd

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