With a shortened regular season, teams didn’t have a lot of practice time. Ergo, when Zach Randolph saw a chance to get in some of the pushups he’d been missing out on, he took it. Smart move.

Also, pretty cool “Fergalicious” reference in 2012, right?

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  1. and of course we see Blake doing his classic ‘face-clutching’ on the side. God I hate the Blake Griffin ‘face-clutch’. Jeff Van Gundy should get 20 minutes on the topic…

  2. pushups are a bit of a cocky move here. also, he should try doing some pushups OFF the court as well so he could be in decent shape sometimes. i know i know, the injury and blah blah blah…but zach randolph is fat and never in shape. there i said it.

  3. I love Z-Bo. Seems like a nice dude. Such an awesome bit to do pushups. Truly worthy of being today’s NBA Santa: http://nbasantas.blogspot.com/2012/04/grizzly-fourth-quarter-meltdown.html

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