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If you like animals, are a big softie or simply have allergies that act up when sad stories come out, I’ll advise you to acquire one to three tissues before reading this quote from DeMarcus Cousin, explaining the “RIP Roscoe” he’s had on his shoes recently.

Got your tissues? Good. Here we go, from the Sacramento Bee:

When asked about it, Cousins explained that his 18-week-old bulldog died last week after suffering an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“He just collapsed in his crate while I was on our last road trip,” Cousins said. “We had an autopsy done and everything because we wanted to know what happened. The (veterinarian) said it was from a bee sting.”

Great. As if I wasn’t worried enough about Yams the Brown Dog limping because she insists on jumping out of the bed even though her legs are way too short to support her body, now I have to worry that she might be allergic to bee stings that can kill her when I’m not even home. Ugh. Bees are the worst.

Hug your animal extra tight tonight. Give ‘em some extra pets and a treat or something, because you never know when some stupid bee is going to come by and ruin everything. At the very least, DeMarcus Cousins will appreciate the notion. We need to stick together in times like these.

If you think a bunch of fancy swordsmen destroying your car is bad, imagine being a fan of the Grizzlies.

For the rest of State Farm’s State of Fandom campaign, check out their Facebook page.

Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s show, The Jones discuss the controversy surrounding Dwight Howard’s season-ending back injury, the polarizing return of Amar’e Stoudemire in New York, the difficulty in picking the All-NBA Teams, and our favorite stories, quotes and moments from the 2011-2012 shortened season.

All that, plus Leigh’s “Tweet of the Weak,” some pun-gun fun, NBA song parodies, and much, much more!

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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┬áNow is the time of the year when we start learning that various teams are growing facial hair for the playoffs. So really, not news that the Clippers would be getting down on the beard action. Can’t wait to see how bad Vinny Del Negro looks with a beard, but otherwise, no big deal.

However, the first 45 seconds of this, when all the Clippers are doing all kinds of stuff to ruin this interview, is amazing. DeAndre Jordan is obviously a fan of “Chapelle’s Show,” and I just think that’s great. Nice job by everyone to make this worth watching.

(via I Am a GM)

Kevin Love hasn’t played a basketball game for nearly two weeks, so you can understand that he might be getting bored. And when people get bored, they do some crazy things, like I don’t know, shave their beard in to a mustache. That’s what Kevin Love did at least, posting the results to Twitter because no one loves a good mustache more than the internet.

And since this is the internet, now seems like an appropriate time to turn Kevin Love and his new mustache in to a meme of sorts. Just throw a little Impact font on it and Mustachioed Kevin Love becomes a very friendly character.

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Ballin: Standard 27-11-6 line for LeBron James last night. It’s the ninth time this season he’s gone for at least 25-10-5, which is once more than the number of times the next two guys (Josh Smith and Kevin Durant) have done it combined.

Not so much: Your choice of who laid a bigger egg — the Rockets or the Bucks — but they both really needed a win last night. I’ll take the Bucks, just because their loss put them so much further out of the playoffs.

DPOY: Reconfigure your Defensive Player of the Year ballot immediately. Sebastian Telfair’s season-saving block has something to say about it.

Jared Wade put it best — “Always figured this game would be decided by Sebastian Telfair’s defense.”

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Well, at least they know what it’s like to work in the TBJ offices.