It was just a few months ago that Ray Allen couldn’t believe that David West would rather play for the Pacers than the Celtics. Ray criticized West for taking a quick payday, choosing the extra money Indiana could offer on a 2-year contract instead of chasing a championship with a bunch of old guys. It was a direct shot at West, literally calling him out as a guy who doesn’t care about championships.

But as it turns out, the Pacers finished with a better record than the Celtics and David West has all the intangibles you could ever need. Just ask his coach, Frank Vogel, who showered West with every positive cliché imaginable after Indiana’s Game 2 win over the Magic. From the AP:

”He’s leading our team right now in competitive spirit and will and desire and all that stuff that doesn’t show up on the box score, providing our team with the necessary swagger to get a good playoff win,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. ”He’s just dialed in. A playoff tested veteran. Hopefully he’s going to lead us very far in the playoffs.”

This is like a combination of Bill Walton and Tony Robbins, mixed with a little bit of Shane Battier talking about LeBron James, plus about seven clichés. It depends on if you separate the “competitive spirit and will and desire” in to individual clichés or not, but it’s definitely a lot of clichés per sentence (cps). Seems to be between 1.25 and 1.75 cps, which is a very strong rating.

The thing about clichés though, is that they can be true. Even if what Frank Vogel said is total coachspeak — which it is — it’s still true that David West is a playoff tested veteran who is dialed in and providing the Pacers with the necessary swagger to get good playoff wins. After a solid season, West has raised his numbers across the board, thus far in the playoffs. His scoring is up, his rebounding is up, his shooting percentages are up, his rebounding percentages are up, his turnovers are down, his steals and blocks are up and he’s leading the Pacers in playoff PER. Other than that, nothing special.

Obviously he’s earned every cliché that Frank Vogel is throwing his way. Let’s just hope he takes things one game at a time and doesn’t let his success to go to his head. If he puts his mind to it, David West can accomplish anything.