Derrick Rose is the best basketball player in Chicago (when healthy) and Kanye West is the most famous rapper from Chicago (when not everyone hates him for doing something dumb on TV), so it’s kind of surprising that Kanye’s never shouted out his hometown’s MVP in a song. Sure, Jay-Z did it for him on “N—– in Paris,” but that doesn’t really count.

But the wait is finally over. Kanye West has finally shown Derrick Rose some love on digital wax, name-dropping the injured Bulls point guard on his hotly-anticipated G.O.O.D. Music remix of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like.”  (The track is at the bottom and the Derrick Rose part is at 1:38, but if you’ve never heard a Chief Keef song, be warned that it’s VERY loud.) Let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

Shoutout to Derrick Rose
Man, that n—- nice

That’s it. That’s the entirety of what Kanye West has to say about Derrick Rose. True musical genius at its finest.

I mean, he’s right that Derrick Rose is nice, but that’s a pretty underwhelming statement. That’s like saying Bill Gates is rich or Noam Chomsky is smart or that Eddie Murphy makes bad movie choices. I’d have liked a little more substance when the faces of Chicago basketball and music finally stare each other eye-to-eye.

Then again, the last NBA player mentioned in a Kanye West song was Kris Humphries. Maybe it’s best not to follow in his footsteps.

(via Fake Shore Drive)