On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Monday night’s Game 2′s after listing the “Top 5 Reasons Why Amar’e Stoudemire Punched a Fire Extinguisher After Last Night’s Loss to the Miami Heat.” Topics discussed include: the Knicks decent game (despite the loss), Miami’s ball movement, the Magic’s third quarter run, a fatigued Glen Davis, the new Hedo drinking game, Mavericks-Thunder free throws, Harden’s calming influence, and Dirk’s missed three. All that, plus Rondo’s one-game suspension, videobombs, and a new addition to the TBJ Army! (Congratulations, Leigh and Roxana!)

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Comments (13)

  1. Sebas “Monta” Ellis

  2. Sebastian Bogut Ellis?
    Sebastian teebeejay Ellis?
    Sebastian Telfair Ellis?

  3. Sebastian Lieghrox Ellis

  4. According to whoever was announcing the last Bulls game, the reason Rip wears the mask is because he’s had his nose broken so many times that his doctors said that if it continued to happen, he would need some serious facial reconstruction surgery. Personally, I would rather have the uncomfortable mask. Speaking of Rip, he’s shockingly skinny. I almost feel worried for him out there.

  5. Congratulations Leigh!

    May I suggest Sebastian Andrew Bogut Patty Mills Ellis?

  6. Congrats Leigh!

  7. 10 pounds, damn. I get a feeling that Sebastian will play a few good seasons for the bucks, get hurt and get traded to the warriors.

    Congrats Leigh and I hope mom and child are in good health.

  8. gotta be sebastian laphonso ellis

  9. I could believe Omar Asik was a 10lb baby but Evan Turner? Unbelievable!

  10. that is a fucking huge baby.

  11. sebastian pruiti ellis

    congrats leigh! though as a fellow aussie and mark webber fan….sebastian? boo!

  12. good stuff minus the retarded sound drops…dont make the show too overproduced mmmmk

  13. This is worth to read,everyone enjoy it.

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