Its existence has long been rumored and we have even heard tales of its utilization, but as far as I can remember, this is the first time we’ve seen JaVale McGee’s fingerstache tattoo in action. Simply put, it’s perfect.

If you were picking the one player in the NBA who is most likely to have a fingerstache, it has to be JaVale McGee, so I’m glad it’s actually there. And I’m glad he chose to debut it next to a man with a lengthy Yosemite Sam mustache, which is an ideal setting for such a piece of art.

The best part, however, is that JaVale McGee got a mustache tattooed on his finger while actually having a mustache on his face. It’s completely superfluous and completely JaVale McGee. The only thing that could make it more so is if the fingerstache missed a dunk from the free throw line.

(via NBA Offseason)

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  1. McGee even failed at getting it tattooed in the right place on his finger!

    I may be a renowned fingerstacheologist, but I think even a simpleton could see that he clearly has his fingerstache placed far too close to the hand, when it should in fact be much closer to the nail end of the finger, easing deployment and preventing misfires (crooked fingerstaches), such as can be seen in this photo… Poor Javale.

    • A renowned fingerstacheologist should know that the stache tat should be at the first knuckle for two reasons:
      1) There’s a little more surface area to tattoo
      2) The first knuckle is the centre of the stache allowing it to bend to the contour of the upper lip.

      On a side note, that sound guy looks like Lanny McDonald

      • Ah, you see, this was covered in seminar II of my latest fingerstachology course, in a lecture titled “Misconceptions concerning the fingerstache”.
        That may appear to be true, but having the fingerstache so close to the knuckle typically requires a much greater level of elevation by the hand to acquire a true fingerstache, with one placed closer to the nail allowing for a much greater degree of flexibility and placement.
        The first knuckle is typically the centre of the fingerstache, but Javale appears to either have missed that, or has slightly disproportionately long fingers which result in the uneven looking fingerstache he has ended up with.
        It does look like Javale somewhat rushed into his fingertache, hence the awkward placement. If he read any of mine or my fellow scholars literature he would surely have avoided these problems, but, alas, there is little we can do now.

        • Don’t worry. Birdman knows a dude who can fix that and hook him up with a sweet Epic Vale neck tat while they are there.

      • I agree that the fingerstache appears to be properly located, with the first knuckle as the centre for proper contouring. I suspect that JaVale is being true to his JaVale-ian instincts, and executing the stache somewhat ineptly. Perhaps he has not put in enough practice time.

  2. What’s Dr. Eggman doing here ?

  3. What’s Daniel Day Lewis doing here?

  4. Seriously forget a JaVale McGee reality show, that doesn’t even give the man his due justice. I need cameras on this man 24/7. I’m lobbying for a JaVale McGee TV Network Truman style. I’m willing to bet that man is hilarious in his sleep. Seriously, its a random Teusday afternoon, there’s nothing on but the 12th Sportscenter of the day, soap operas and infomercials, are you telling me you wouldn’t switch up to JVMTV to see what JaVale was up to?

  5. does this make JaVale McGee a bigger hipster than James Harden now?

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