Video: Chris Bosh the popup ad

Ugh. Popup ads are the worst. You’re just trying to browse the internet, trying to find out if that Kanye West-Chief Keef song dropped yet, then out of nowhere a Chris Bosh launches and you’re forced to confront whatever he’s selling.

Just a guess, but he’s selling boner pills. It’s always boner pills. Get out of here with your boner pills, Chris Bosh the popup ad. Now is not the time.

(via I Am a GM)

Comments (6)

  1. I definitely won’t buy boner pills from someone being accused as ‘soft’.

  2. haha Irwin FTW!!

  3. Keep chillin’ Bosh.

  4. Gentlemen, I am going to be in my bunk.

  5. Wow, that comment was for the Kate Upton video. LOL

  6. I think the half life of a fruit roll up is about 3.4 years

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