Bit of a weird night for Derrick Rose, who was in attendance for the Bulls’ first post-ACL injury playoff game. Things started out well enough, with Rose dragging his leg out to center court to present an official with the game ball. As you can see, he got a standing ovation, even getting mad claps from 76ers coach Doug Collins. Very cool, even if it’s pretty much the worst to see Derrick Rose in a hip-to-ankle stabilization brace. I liked seeing that about as much as Rose liked being the center of attention while not being able to play basketball.

From there, Rose hit his private suite. And let’s just say it was very private.

Has anyone ever looked more miserable to be at an NBA playoff game? Ugh. Seeing this makes me feel like I tore the ACL in my heart.

But don’t worry. Derrick Rose did smile at least once last night.

This might actually be the worst picture of all. Who are these guys that think “Derrick Rose is hurt but we are here so we need to get a picture?” Come on, these guys. This is maybe the second-worst night of his adult life and you’re like, “SAY CHEESE.” Not chill.

Outside of the standing ovation, which I’m sure he appreciated, I can’t imagine Derrick Rose had a ton of fun last night. Not only could he not play in the game and not only was he a featured attraction while on the sidelines, the Bulls also got killed. That seems the worst of everything as far as he’s concerned. At least a win might have smoothed things over a little bit, but nope.

Judging by the way things went at the game, I bet his Skittles machine broke when he got home. That’s the only thing that could have made Derrick Rose’s Tuesday night any worse.