Bit of a weird night for Derrick Rose, who was in attendance for the Bulls’ first post-ACL injury playoff game. Things started out well enough, with Rose dragging his leg out to center court to present an official with the game ball. As you can see, he got a standing ovation, even getting mad claps from 76ers coach Doug Collins. Very cool, even if it’s pretty much the worst to see Derrick Rose in a hip-to-ankle stabilization brace. I liked seeing that about as much as Rose liked being the center of attention while not being able to play basketball.

From there, Rose hit his private suite. And let’s just say it was very private.

Has anyone ever looked more miserable to be at an NBA playoff game? Ugh. Seeing this makes me feel like I tore the ACL in my heart.

But don’t worry. Derrick Rose did smile at least once last night.

This might actually be the worst picture of all. Who are these guys that think “Derrick Rose is hurt but we are here so we need to get a picture?” Come on, these guys. This is maybe the second-worst night of his adult life and you’re like, “SAY CHEESE.” Not chill.

Outside of the standing ovation, which I’m sure he appreciated, I can’t imagine Derrick Rose had a ton of fun last night. Not only could he not play in the game and not only was he a featured attraction while on the sidelines, the Bulls also got killed. That seems the worst of everything as far as he’s concerned. At least a win might have smoothed things over a little bit, but nope.

Judging by the way things went at the game, I bet his Skittles machine broke when he got home. That’s the only thing that could have made Derrick Rose’s Tuesday night any worse.

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  1. It’s a real bad feeling watching a game you’d love to be in but just can’t for injury. I still hat eit myself.

  2. Other highlight from this game goes to Scottie Pippens twitter feed when he tweeted about catching up with Tony Kukoc during the game. That had to be awkward. What did they talk about? How much Scottie used to hate him because they gave him a boatload of money while never redoing his deal. The time when it was clearly Scottie’s team in Jordan’s sabbatical when Phil gave Tony the final shot in a playoff game. I wish I could have overheard that conversation.

  3. Look how unhappy the man is not being able to play the game. I feel very bad for you Derrick. Very, very bad.

  4. Poor guy. Torn ACLs are just the worst. I really hope he recovers to the point that he is as explosive as he was before the injury but sadly that rarely seems to be the case with ACLs. I suppose the best case scenario will be that he comes back 1/2 a step slow instead of a full step slow.

  5. I feel sorry for the bulls… but, Kobe woulda played through it.. I know, bad comment

    • that’s probably the saddest example of trolling you’ll find on the entire internet… a lonely and desperate troll in jones world.
      don’t be scared, my friend! your herd is waiting for you over at espn. it’s just a couple clicks to the right.

    • You can’t play a game when your ACL is torn.

    • Play through an ACL tear???? Andre you are outrageous, playin on that is how you en a career

  6. To watch your team play without you, painful. To watch them get blown out at home, agony. Gotta feel for rose..

  7. Those millions of dollars are gonna cheer him up. Relax everybody.

    • Gotta disagree there, I like to believe that for someone like Rose the money only comes secondary. Anyone who gutted through games like he did this season is fiercely competitive. If it was about the money you would have seen him sitting on the sidelines in a suit. No, this kills Rose and no check is going to make him feel better.

      • I totally agree with you. There are few players in the league who love the game as much as he does and don’t care that much about money (the only one compareable is Nowitzki in my opinion). Furthermore he said the beginning oof the season referring to the loss in last yrears conference finals, that he doesn’t want to disappoint his teammates anymore and now he has to watch them lose…horrible!

  8. The NBA needs D. Rose, I love the Raps but seeing a guy get repeatedly injured who just plays hard, loves the game, and doesn’t create drama or bullshit is terrible.


  10. No disrespect to ur site, pretty good reads, but stick do what u do be best (I guess). Watch your show on NBA TV tonight, whack!!! How did u two guys convince NBATV to let u on television. Keep doing ur thing with the site, I just can’t take y’all seriously on tv.

    • …who left the door open?

    • Ummm TBJ has been produced over 800 podcasts and video casts over the course of six years. Their “thing with the site” is pretty big but I guess you’re new.

      TBJ commentary, both on and off the air, has always been incredibly intellectual and far more humorous than the vast majority of analysts. TBJ is easily at the same level if not higher than’s Hang Time Blog, yet Sekou Smith consistently appears on NBATV.

      But hey. You should notify NBATV ASAP about your disinterest, Ace (seriously?).

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