On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Tuesday night’s Game 2 action — Celtics-Hawks, Sixers-Bulls and Nuggets-Lakers. Topics discussed include: Paul Pierce’s Tebow performance, Josh Smith’s knee, Doc rollin’ with his starters, Avery Bradley’s overall great game, the emotional pre-game moment in Chicago, the Sixers’ run-and-gun third quarter, Evan Turner on the block, vintage Kobe, Faried’s blunder, George Karl’s subs, and point guard Pau Gasol. All that, plus Corey Brewer’s hairline, Sarah Phillips, and COY and DPOY talk.

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Comments (14)

  1. rememer that episode when a viewer mailed you and asked why the reporters always call guys who are called Al (Like Al Harrington or Al Jefferson), Big Al? Well, you said then, that nobody calls Al Harrington Big Al. Today Tas called Al Harrington Big Al.

  2. The audio podcast still isn’t up on itunes :(

  3. The audio version of the podcast is not on itunes

  4. We’re experiencing a technical problem with our iTunes feed. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon.

  5. Skeets You didnt do woa boy!!!!!!!

  6. With all appologies to Tas and JE, my personal highlight today was the Pops segment today. That cracked me up at my desk. Whoever came up with that segment, well played.

  7. Noticed todays episode wasnt up on Itunes yet!

  8. Fuck Kenny Pal Gasalle
    What’s the name of the song in the Popovich tribute?

  9. I totally do not understand George Karl’s refusal to play the Birdman!?!

    I’ve heard the rumors Denver plans to amnesty him next season to clear cap space – but there’s no reason to keep him on the bench now.

    It feels like he’s in the doghouse – which is a shame, because he could really help the Nuggets out.

  10. Lakers-Celtics finals… book it!

  11. “Hold on, he wasn’t wearing a green headband in game 1!”

    I consider myself a big fan of the NBA but that statement by Skeets shows that I’ll never reach his levels of NBA nerd-dom. How the hell do you remember such minute details about a role-player in a particular game among (what was at the time) 14 playoff games?

  12. I think the half life of a fruit roll up is about 3.4 years

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