Things of Note for May 2, 2012

Ballin: 36 points, 14 rebounds and four assists for Paul Pierce. Eight turnovers and he missed more than half of his shots too, but when you consider his usage rate was somewhere in the vicinity of 1955 percent, I think we can let it slide.

Not so much: Cool third quarter, Bulls. Outscored by 22, outshot by 43 percent, outrebounded by nine and outassisted by seven. Other than that, pretty even quarter.

No: We need to stop this from ever happening again.

Props to Paul Pierce for doing this on the road, but anti-props (“porps”) for him doing it at all. Not to mention, it was terrible form on the Tebow. Pierce looked more like one of those toys that collapses when you squeeze the bottom than the iconic Tim Tebow pose.

Turning point: With 2:19 left in the fourth, down by four, the Nuggets grabbed a rebound and pushed the ball ahead, trying to get a quick fast break basket and make things a one-point game. Instead, Kenneth Faried mishandled the pass, turned the ball over and then fouled Andrew Bynum as he was dunking on the other end, giving the Lakers a huge three-point play with little time on the clock. It was a five-point swing and the Nuggets lost by four, so you do the math.

Great seats: Can’t tell you how much I laughed when the TNT broadcast cut to some celebrities and showed Breckin Meyer and the rapping guy from Linkin Park with terrible seats for the Lakers-Nuggets game.

Shakey bakes: Here is one cool thing that happened for the Bulls.

Other than that, bummer of a night.

Bad action: Josh Smith sprained his knee last night and has an MRI today. Then, to literally add insult to injury, the Hawks got booed at home as the clock ran out last night.

Defense fight: Which is the best block — Avery Bradley blocking Jeff Teague at the rim, Jeff Teague blocking Keyon Dooling’s three or Kobe Bryant’s chasedown block of Al Harrington? I think I choose Avery Bradley, because Jeff Teague is the only victim of the three who can still jump.

Farts: This is when I knew things were going to end poorly for the Bulls.

The only thing that could have made this worse is if Derrick Rose had torn his ACL on the play. This wasn’t cool either.

Lamar Whodom?: Pau Gasol is apparently the new really tall guy on the Lakers who throws alley-oops on the run.

Other things: Very cool, very gigantic hat for Scottie Pippen last night. Looked really, really great. Almost as great as Joakim Noah did in his post-game press conference  … This is how you bench Spencer Hawes … Possible atrocious rap collaboration on the horizon … Grape dunk for Jeff Teague last night. Kenneth Faried had a nice tip-slam too, but I can’t seem to find it … Even though the Knicks are two games from having their season ended, Spike Lee still has amazing shoes

Comments (12)

  1. Jeff Teague might be the best “grape” dunker in the NBA right now

  2. The pic of the dude holding the mamba sign is scary.

  3. One of my favorite Pierce games ever – certainly in the top 10. Maybe top 5. I feel like you have to give him a pass on the Tebowing because he’s old. It’s like when your dad tries to make a joke but its awkward.

    • Maybe it’s just the bitter Knicks fan in me, but no pass given. In fact I decree all Tebowing shall now be accompanied by a technical, because in my demented mind I have convinced myself that I have some semblance of authority.

  4. PP could have done the Macarena last night.
    He gave the best performance of the playoffs so far.
    Dont hate

    • I am not denying he had an amazing performance, all the hate in the world cannot take that away from him. I just thought his Teow execution was extremely poor. But who am I to judge, I am the same person who gets giddy when ever a 50 year old Steve Novak performs the discount double check. So my credentials may be a bit skeptical at best.

  5. I feel as though “anti-props” would be “sporp.” That is all.

  6. EIther way – this was a great performance from Pierce. I’ve been to several sites (this one included) that have quickly thrown out the 8 turnovers and below 50%.

    It wasn’t a bad shooting night considering how much they were calling on him to shoot – he was just under 50%.

    Also – as mentioned here – he had the ball in his hands just about every possession.

    I don’t know why people are so quick to try and find holes in it.

  7. i think i like teagues block.. cause some fan slapped him in the chest afterwards

    • I called it a Bob Beamon Block, he seemed to sprint half the court than jump 20 feet to block it. At least that’s what it seemed like live.

      • on broadcast i think they had a diagram and teague ran 41.9 feet from where he was (before the swing pass), to dooling. fast bugger

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