Various NBA foot facts

It’s been said that you can find anything you’re looking for on the internet. And while I’ve yet to find an old Sports Illustrated article detailing Shammond Williams’ various hairstyles, it’s pretty much true. For instance, if you really wanted to know what model and what size shoe every player in the NBA wears (weirdo), then you could do it, thanks to SLAM’s recently updated database of footwear.

Naturally, I went through the data and found the following the factoids.

  • Not surprisingly, Earl Boykins has the NBA’s smallest foot. He wears a 9.5.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest feet in the NBA belong to Brook and Robin Lopez, who both wear size 20.
  • Of all the sub-6-footers in the NBA, Isaiah Thomas and Kyle Lowry have the biggest feet. They both wear 12s.
  • Boykins is joined by Nate Robinson, John Lucas III, J.J. Barea, Luke Ridnour, Reggie Jackson, Eric Bledsoe and Steve Nash as the only NBA players with shoes smaller than size 12. Of those guys, Jackson and Nash are the tallest, so ha ha for them.
  • Chris Bosh has smaller feet (14.5) than both LeBron James (16) and Dwyane Wade (15.5).
  • LeBron James may or may not have six toes.
  • The tallest player in the league — 7-foot-3 Hasheem Thabeet, who yes, is really still in the NBA — wears a size 18.
  • Juwan Howard’s shoe make and model are listed as “Dr. Scholl’s” and “Orthopedic.” The size is XVI.
  • Joakim Noah (Le Coq Sportif), Anthony Parker (The League), Roger Mason Jr. (Protege), Matt Bonner (New Balance), Chuck Hayes (Qiaodan) and Metta World Peace (Ball’n) are the only players in the league who are their shoe brand’s lone NBA representative.
  • Instead of Raymond Felton’s shoe size, there is just a picture of a cupcake.
  • Three NBA players (Mario Chalmers, Chris Singleton, Jimmer Fredette) wear Spalding basketball shoes. Presumably these were not purchased at a Wal-Mart Supercenter.
  • All four of the Williamses who played for the Nets this season wore different sized shoes.
  • Weird inclusion, but the database mentions that Brian Cardinal has no toes, which is why he falls down so much.

There’s a lot to be learned by poring through these pages and pages of sneaker data, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to justify how I’ve spent the last hour at my life. Nonetheless, we all just learned a lot about NBA feet, so we’re probably better off.