Sometimes you see something and you are like, “Of course this thing exists. Why wouldn’t it exist?” That’s kind of how I feel about this Jeremy Lin jersey that is made entirely from Fruit Roll-Ups.

I can understand just a little bit if you don’t really get why the Fruit Roll-Up overlords decided to make this — the Linsanity buzz is over, Fruit Roll-Ups probably deteriorate over time — but I think you’re missing the forest for the Tropical Tie-Dye flavored trees. This is a full-sized basketball jersey made entirely of Fruit Roll-Ups. That is amazing and if you can’t get that then I’m sorry.

Jeremy Lin could return to the Knicks next week. By then, his Fruit Roll-Up jersey might be eaten, shrunken or completely ruined the effects of time. Let’s celebrate this while it still exists. It’s no custom Skittles machine, but Jeremy Lin is no Derrick Rose.

(via Posting and Toasting)

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  1. Key word: “Probably”

    I think the half life of a fruit roll up is about 3.4 years

  2. I think the half life of a fruit roll up is about 3.4 years

  3. Hope they keep it cool, otherwise you’ll have to gnaw it off the frame.

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