On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Wednesday night’s games: Grizzlies-Clippers, Spurs-Jazz, and Pacers-Magic. Topics discussed include: O.J. Mayo’s fourth-quarter explosion, D on CP3 and “audience,” the Grizzlies “grit n’ grind” ways, Rudy Gay on the block, live-ball turnovers, the exact moment the Spurs-Jazz game ended, Big Baby jumpers, Roy Hibbert’s third-quarter, and possible Magic lineup changes to come. All that, plus Grizzlies Kid, Gasol fingers, Tyrone Corbin’s sweat glands, and Chris Bosh’s new baby. Enjoy.

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Comments (7)

  1. how about crizzlers instead of grippers?

  2. Nice segue from from fingers up Gasol’s butt to talking about Rudy “Gay”.

  3. Are ALL the kids in America grotesquely overweight, or just the rich ones?

  4. This is worth to read,everyone enjoy it.

  5. Blake Griffin set a pick for Chris Paul in the Clipps-Grizz game. I’m pretty sure it was the first pick he’s ever set that he didn’t slip. A sign of a physical game… and the apocalypse?

    Did anyone else notice this? Or was it all a dream?

  6. What was the song you used during the jump? NEED TO FIND IT! (So long…, Is a way a bein’, is a way of seein’)

  7. Congratulations to Swaggy P for finding a home on a good team. With a better coach the Clippers would make it to the Finals.

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