Ever since Paul Pierce struck the worst Tebow in history, everyone on Earth has been clamoring for a t-shirt to commemorate this special event. It’s been like waiting for a Jay Electronica album to finally drop.

But unlike Jay Electronica’s ill-fated debut, the Paul Pierce Tebow shirt actually exists. It’s available from the Celtics’ team store and will run you just $21.95, which is peanuts for a shirt you’ve so badly wanted. I mean, it has a fake Bible verse that I’m sure no one would ever find potentially offensive, so you know it’s worth every penny of your hard-earned cash.

The best part of this shirt, obviously, is the timelessness of it. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where a shirt about Paul Pierce’s performance in Game 2 of a first round playoff series would ever feel dated, especially when it looks like this, so I’m confident in telling you that this is a great investment piece. The resale market for these will be huge. We’re talking six digits minimum on eBay.

Oh actually, the exact opposite of everything you’ve just read. Except the shirt is really real. Wasn’t joking about that, believe it or not.

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  1. While we’re on the topic of stuff that sucks, they should really bring back all-over print t-shirts. That and Taz t-shirts.

  2. At least his performance in that game won’t change. I have several shirts that I got after the 2008 title that saw “We Beat LA” on them and say banner 17. Now I live in California and whenever I wear one of them I look asshole and people let me know so pretty loudly by loudly questioning me about who won the next two titles, or just telling me to kill myself.

  3. sorry, that should read “I look like an asshole”.

  4. He might be Tebowing and mocked for it, but coming from Paul Pierce, he makes it feel more genuine. The guy survived multiple stab wounds and escaped death, and still lived to drop 30+ points on different teams at the age of 34. He should be grateful and pose whatever way he wants to the “powers that be” that let him live to experience this.

    As for Tebow himself, what near-death events happen to him?

  5. I kinda like this shirt. Though it should say Tebow 36:14 or something. We need more Tebow

  6. I dont get why doing that pose is considered TEBOWING?!?! Cant Paul just be thanking god. I think he said himself that it had nothing to do with Tim Tebow and they were in ATL! No where near anything to do with TEBOW. Let this Tebow mania GO AWAY. So sick of this man, who does not even impress anyone who actually watches football. Unless your favorite play is watching the Jets kick extra points…

  7. I enjoyed the JayElec reference TK.

  8. Da Hell did I just read. Man that ish cray af. Real talk homie… WTF.

  9. Paul can express himself anyway he wants!!!! I loved it!!!

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