Things of Note for May 3, 2012

Ballin: Watching last night’s Grizzlies-Clippers game, it really felt like O.J. Mayo shot better than 6-16 and 2-7 from three. He went for 20 points though, huge for a Grizzlies team that sometimes has trouble scoring, and played defense all over the place. Four rebounds, one assist, two steals, one block and a single fuzzy-side-of-the-Velcro beard.

Not so much: It’s not that Ryan Anderson had a bad game, it’s just that he didn’t really do anything. 2-6 shooting, seven points, one rebound, one turnover and that’s it. Thanks for showing up, Ryan.

Scoop show: You have no idea how stupid this Tony Parker shot is.

That’s the kind of shot some hack takes in a pickup game when he’s in the lane and a bit spooked, but knows that if he can just get the ball to the basket, maybe someone can grab a rebound. Tony Parker did it in a playoff game and made it.

Hi: Meet Fat GIF Kid, aka Little Country, aka Glasses Malone, aka the Internet. You’re going to be seeing a lot of him online, so get used to it.

Beatdown: The San Antonio Spurs scored 28 points in the first quarter of their Game 2 victory against the Utah Jazz. The Jazz scored 28 points in the first half of that same game. Yuck.

Obvious: Why wouldn’t Jerry “The King” Lawler show up to a Grizzlies game in a customized jersey and Beale Street Blue pants to piledrive a planted fan during a timeout? This makes total sense.

This man is 62 years old and can still lift other humans in the air and slam them to the ground while wearing a crown. By anyone’s measure, that’s impressive.

Concrete jungle: Chris Bosh will probably miss tonight’s Game 3 as he has flown home to be with his wife for the birth of their first child. Between this, the absence of Amar’e Stoudemire and the Knicks’ penchant for playing better after something newsworthy has happened to them, I’ve never been more sure that they would win a game.

Exclamatory remarks: DeAndre Jordan alley-oop coming right up.

Tony Allen says he’s “2 cool 2 be embarrassed,” which is probably why he was laughing after he got dunked on. Only Tony Allen.

Zinger: Haha. Nice Amar’e Stoudemire joke, Pacers.

Other things: Cool move, Reggie Evans. Very classy … I can’t even understand why this Grizzlies fan stuck his fingers in Marc Gasol’s bum bum … Apparently Marreese Speights has a great arm … Why haven’t we considered that Derrick Rose’s injury is because he is actually a 3-year-old? … Not basketball at all, but this is probably the best review of mixtape DVDs you’ll ever read … Eric Bledsoe missed a fairly open layup off the bottom of the backboard last night, which is something I hadn’t seen since Tom “Elbows” Michaelson in freshman year of high school … Kobe Bryant is such a liar about shooting final shots in All-Star Games