The Magic lost home court advantage last night, getting punked in Orlando to the tune of a 23-point defeat at the hands of the Indiana Pacers. Their best player is out thanks to back surgery, their second-best player took six shots and made two, and they don’t have a third-best player. Instead, they rock a bunch of random guys who are sometimes the third-best on the team and sometimes disappear. Last night, Glen Davis leapfrogged from third to first, going 10-18 from the field and scoring 22 points, joining J.J. Redick as the only Magic to actually show up for the game.

But all of that is irrelevant in the face of the extraordinary internet content that Big Baby gifted us with during last night’s loss. Up top, you see his incredible interview with his super cute baby. Down below, you see his other incredible interview, interspersed with the backwards high knees thing he pulled in the first half. As well as he played, these top-notch moments of hilarity trump that performance.

Take heart, Magic fans. Even though your team has gone through a lip-flapping lot this season, you still have one of the greatest human memes in the entire league. There are worse positions to be in.