Can’t wait to see what Patrick Ewing comes up with next year if he’s coaching the Bobcats. I imagine it’ll be something like this, but we’ve got a while before that happens.

For now, let’s just marvel at how much he nailed this description of everything that’s gone on in Orlando this season. 100 percent perfect and totally accurate.

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  1. Haha, good stuff. I know Patrick desperately wants a head gig. Just not sure Charlotte is the right choice for him. Not because of the shape of the team, but because I could just see Jordan making it a point to attend practices and just heckle Patrick about their 90′s playing days. Tell me this isn’t something MJ would do, constantly.

    • I get the sense that a lot of Michael Jordan’s life these days is spent making fun of other people because they are not Michael Jordan.

  2. Patrick’s lips remind me of a jellyfish farting

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