Ep. 815: The Overdose

Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s show, The Basketball Jones break down the young and unpredictable NBA Playoffs: Which series has been the most surprising? Which has been the toughest to watch? Which players have risen to the occasion? And will this postseason be remembered for anything but possible series-changing injuries?

We also discuss the merits of the Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Most Improved Player award winners, debate new additions to the Team USA pool, and create a hilariously pointless one-on-one, coach vs. coach tournament.

All that, plus Chris Bosh’s baby, fire extinguishers, Deion Sanders, Roscoe’s, JD’s “Tweet of the Weak,” some pun-gun fun, and surviving a zombie apocalypse.

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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Comments (38)

  1. First off, Jordan or no Jordan, winning two championships back to back is no small feat, just ask Tim Duncan or Larry Bird who where never able to do it. And compare Hakeem by centers. In 1993, if you asked the average NBA fan “Who is the best center today?” most would have said Dream Team-ers Patrick Ewing or David Robinson. Or they would have said media-darling Shaq. Hakeem probably would have been 4th. By 1995, he had not only beat all three of those centers in the playoffs, he had embarrassed them. That says something.

    And there’s no guarantee that he wouldn’t have won one if Jordan hadn’t left to play baseball. I know the regular season is not indicative of what’s going to happen in the postseason, but the Rockets did have a winning percentage against the Bulls during that era. In 1992-93, the Rockets swept the Bulls in their regular season series. They were one of the few teams with a winning percentage against the Bulls in that era.

    And fatigue also plays a factor. The Bulls were in the Finals in 91, in the Finals in 92, Jordan and Pippen played on the Dream Team in 92, and then they went to the Finals again in 93. They played more games than anyone during that era. There is a good chance they could have gotten fatigued and slipped in either ’94 or ’95.

    And you have to remember, the Bulls completely changed their team. Other than Jordan and Pippen, no player from their first three-peat played on their second three-peat. There would have been an adjustment period of new players learning to play in the triangle offense and learning to play with MJ.

    Had the Bulls and Rockets played in the Finals, the Bulls probably would have been the favorites. But I think the Rockets could have still won one. And remember, Rodman wasn’t on the 94 or 95 Bulls either. If Jordan doesn’t retire the first time, I’d say he gets 7 rings, and Hakeem still gets one.

    You can say Clyde Drexler only got his because Jordan was out (and he piggy-backed on Hakeem). Had Barkley, or Stockton and Malone, or Ewing, or Kemp and Payton won in 94 or 95, you could say it was because Jordan was out. You can’t say that about Hakeem. Jordan never beat him in the playoffs.

    • I can see the Rockets winning the title in 95. That’s a possibility. No chance in 94.

      • No chance? That’s more than a bit biased Kerbs. Bulls were 1-5 against the Rockets from 90-93. They struggled against any team with a semblance of a center during the entire Jordan era… no matter how deep your love of Wennington, Purdue, Dele nee Williams, and/or Longley runs they were continually abused by centers. I doubt the Bulls in ’95 could’ve ever gotten past the Magic (even with a full year of Jordan), so let’s not debate that.

        The debate lies solely on what woulda shoulda coulda happened in ’94, and believe you me it IS a debate. None of this, “No doubt about it” nonsense. Jordan ‘probably’ would’ve elevated his game in the playoffs to make the regular series statistics meaningless; however, Olajuwon was known to love the limelight as well. Where Ewing (and Starks) could not sustain the mentality of competition necessary to overcome Jordan, Olajuwon’s silent-but-deadly demeanor would back down from no man. Also, Bill Simmons himself states that Maxwell was a lunatic (most assuredly true); that insanity allowed him to stand up to Jordan in a way NYK backcourt never could.

        This could’ve been an even better series than the Bulls-Suns. What could’ve been…

  2. Curse you Sebastian you little timethief! I love JD’s work but the Australian accent adds 15% more humor.

  3. A vid showcasing the handles of Stan Van Gundy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-GoR28LILo

  4. “The R2D2 to the C-3PO” Love it. May the 4th be with y’all, TBJ.

  5. The Kim tweet reading = Durantastic

  6. Not a Heat hater at all, but that championship team when they were down 2-0 and handed game 3? Ranks very highly for me in the sense that of all the footnotes it’s the one that most likely changes the champion. Even the 94 Rockets have a better chance of beating the Bulls than Miami has of coming back from 3-0 that year.

  7. In the Coach’s 1v1 Finals: Battle of the Crazies

    Rick Carlisle VS Doug Collins

  8. I’m with GSJoe on this one, I’m not so sure the Bulls would have beat the Rockets. As great as those Bulls teams were, they never faced an Elite centre in the Finals, and thats not a knock against them, but it definitely would have given them fits. The 1st three-peat teams were not as strong as the 2nd three peat teams.

  9. If for some odd reason he ever got traded to San Antonio, he’d be the Spurantula!

  10. What does Kevin Durant do once a month? He pays da rent.

  11. Maybe the GAMES haven’t been great, but the MEMES? Unquestionably awesome. 2 Chris Bosh videobombs, Grizzlies kid, Marc Gasol getting anally raped, Amare losing a fight with a fire extinguisher, Chris Duhon’s traveldance, sad Derrick Rose, Wade’s shoe toss, Big Baby(s) interview, Paul Tebow, ETC. Thumbing through Twitter on my phone has never been so much fun.

  12. Tas is right about the “footnote” article. Just rename it “Sports!” You can find a ridiculous footnote for every champion ever.

    Except, I’d have to disagree with the idea of having footnotes for these shortened seasons. Guess what? EVERY SINGLE TEAM IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING. The circumstances don’t change. Whether a team wins the title or gets bounced early, every team played a shortened season with no training camp or whatever.

    • I agree with the officiating footnote, but disagree with the shortened season argument. Yes, every team goes through the shortened season, thereby equalizing most variables.

      However, at the end of the day, a shortened-season is exactly that, an aberration in the scheduling. It would be like if we lowered the rims for all games for an entire season, or forced all teams to sit their entire starting 5 for 40 minutes every game. It happens for all teams, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t influence the play or outcome of whichever team wins.

  13. 2002 and 2006 are the biggest footnote titles because both were decided by the referees. I agree that injuries are part of the game, and the shortened season should not be an excuse; but if referees take the title from one team and give it to the other, that’s unacceptable.

  14. Wolfman Alpha! Holy shit I felt like Trey was channeling Norm MacDonald there.

  15. Artest/Metta World Peace was the last perimeter player to win DPOY.

  16. Del Negro/Van Gundy final for me
    Revised OLY roster

  17. Got two ideas for the coach tournament. 1: Use the college three point line because coaches probably don’t have the arm strength to reliably shoot the NBA 3. 2: Do the coaches get time to train? Because then Doc has to be a favorite since he can practice with his son who is a great one on one play

  18. Best overdose in a while. !

    Really needed a laugh today. Thanks guys !

  19. What did Durant say, when they wanted him to bench press 185 pounds? Kevin Du-cant!

  20. 20 years from now, what will be a staple of Coach Kevin’s huddles? Dur-rants

    IF KD were president? Ulysses S. G-urant

    Kevin singing with a group of monks? Dur-chants

  21. “Cause Kobe doesnt give a shit”

    Died laughing

  22. JE, I’m so impressed with that Mega Man shoutout. Mega Man 3 was great, and Gemini Man was always one of my favorites. Mega Man for life.

  23. Best celebration ever – check out soccer (as in football) – Eric Cantona’s celebration of his goal for Man United against Sunderland in 1996-97 season

    Just a man who knows no one can beat him

  24. what’s Kevin’s favorite animated movie about bugs? Kevin DurANTZ

  25. Tas is dead on with that comment about it being called “Sports!”. I hated the way that article was framed. It’s cool to run down storylines that factored into the season of every championship. But, part of what makes it so impressive and difficult to win is that there are injuries that happen. You need to be great and fortunate. I don’t like the idea of trying to poke holes in their accomplishment. I think if Greg Oden and Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge were all healthy the Blazers might be ripping shit up right now. They aren’t.

  26. NBA player most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse? Delonte West. He already has experience riding a motorcycle while carrying multiple firearms.

  27. Big balls dance is the best celebration. Also I liked it when you didn’t give a shit whether the overdose was even about sport. Bring back JD and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Marty O!

  28. 12 olympic team Chris Paul Kobe westbrook wade harden Lebron Durant melo Griffin love Anthony Davis Tyson Chandler kyrie Irving if anyone gets hurt or Kobe bails cause he’s old

  29. Mark Jackson is the best coach at playing actual basketball in the NBA


  31. Guards : cp3 Westbrook Rondo ( if he can be convinced ) Wade , Kobe ,
    Forwards : Lebron , Melo , Durant , Love
    Centers : Tyson , Garnett , Unibrow

    I’m sure ya’ll read the Bill Simmons piece that mentioned the idea of Garnett ( might even be contractually obligated too) but his point is the important one whether you use Garnett or not the emphasis with the bigs should be defense , their primary goal will be to play France and specifically Spain. I hate the idea of Blake Griffin , or Demarcus Cousins any scorer , not what we need at the center. Ideally we’d have 3 Tyson Chandlers , but Garnett would be a great to watch against international competition, shit he already hates calderon

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