Things of Note for May 4, 2012

Ballin: 32 points, eight rebounds and five assists for LeBron James last night, with 17 points in the fourth quarter. Ho-hum. 9-21 shooting, but last night’s games were so wack that I don’t even care.

Not so much: Myles Brown said it best — “Will they blowout their opponent or just their knees? The NBA Playoffs! It’s Fan…ZZZZZ” Last night’s games sucked.

Freaky-styley: It’s so good to have J.R. Smith back in the league because of this action.

Is this the dunk of the year? If so, that might be two straight seasons for J.R., depending on your opinions.

Apt: Here’s Dirk Nowitzki perfectly summing up last night’s Game 3 loss — ”We picked a bad time to put a stinker out there.” Yeah you did, Dirk. This kid knows what you’re talking about.

Bruce Banner: But it wasn’t just Dirk Nowitzki who was heated after last night. Rick Carlisle was pretty upset too.

Really seemed like he was going to tear up his suit and turn green there. Quite the freakout by Ricky C. (This joke has been brought to you by “The Avengers,” in theaters today.)

Records: With last night’s loss, the New York Knicks set the record for consecutive playoff losses by a franchise (13) and tied the record for most consecutive playoff games without scoring 100 points (38). For the record, here are the 96 Knicks who have played for the team since their last playoff win.

Oh also: The Knicks, who have the sixth highest payroll in the NBA, trotted out a second quarter lineup of Mike Bibby, J.R. Smith, Landry Fields, Jared Jeffries and Jorts Harrellson. On purpose. Amazingly, they were a +8 in about five minutes of floor time, which means that group should probably start and play the entire next game.

But still: They may have lost the game and are on the verge of being swept out of the playoffs for the second straight year, but with J.R. Smith’s dunk and Baron Davis’ crossover, they at least look cool in highlights.

Calling Baron Davis “Hot Tub Time Machine” is literally the best thing Reggie Miller has ever said during a broadcast. Way better than calling Madison Square Garden “the best arena in the building,” which is technically true but not at all what he meant to say.

Other things: Even though the Knicks were highlight factories, the Heat still did this, which is awesome … And the Thunder did this, lest you think only the losing teams did cool stuff … Oh, and J.R. Smith had another great dunk earlier in the game because that’s his thing … I guess you would call this Mavericks fan “Deadmav5″ … This is one of my favorite Mark Cuban jokes ever … Stephen Jackson is always Stephen Jackson

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  1. Hot tub time machine was dreadful Reggie …. Sort it out.

  2. Ha, I had those exact Knick stats on my morning post, but to be honest I took the 13 straight losses from your twitter feeds. It seemed for the better part of three quarters that the MSG crowd were the only ones who showed up on their A game last night. They were in rare form last night. Mike Breen was also in rare form describing their chants on MSG. Something’s tells me they won’t be as fired up on Sunday.

  3. Great Cuban joke indeed.

  4. the knicks made it exciting for 3 quarters, then they fell apart. too bad

  5. Forget Reggie, the Shaq-Chuck dynamic is bringing down TNT’s basketball coverage.

    Anyone catch Shaq’s “I have more rings and more degrees than you” comment the other day? It was totally out of the blue and just sucked the life out of the room.

    The only redeeming thing yesterday was that they showed Ben Stiller rambling for a full minute about how much he loves Chuck. And for Shaq? Just clips of his old rap video, with him wearing Tas Melas broken leg sized jeans.

  6. Love the effort that kid put in to finding a book. Real dedication to his metaphor.

  7. JR Smith’s dunk the best of the year? I don’t know why Gerald Green’s windmill alley-oop doesn’t get more appreciation.

  8. Reggie Miller, and Van Gundy are two passive aggressive pusses that should never be allowed to call games. Go Heat! Beat the Hate!

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