If the Miami Heat are going to have a long postseason run — and they are, no doy — let’s hope Chris Bosh keeps on weirding out during his teammates’ interviews. It’s hilarious and it’s legitimately making people not hate him so much. Turns out that if you videobomb often enough, they’ll realize you’re just a weirdo sooner or later.

And hey, stick around for the rest of this interview, just to hear Bosh go in to dad mode. He makes a “Rudy” reference, complains about traffic and tells a reporter “don’t get in too much trouble now” within the span of two minutes, which has to be the fastest that anyone has ever turned 41 years old. The only thing he’s missing is a recliner. Such a dad.

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  1. As a Knicks fan it’s moments like this that make it hard for me to hate Bosh as much as I should. Good interview performance all around. I definitely missed out on this last night cause I was busy pouring gasoline on myself and debating whether or not to strike the match.

  2. If you could hate the man after his fantastic video bomb from before than you must not have a sense of humor. He’s goofy and awkward but in all the right ways.

  3. This is makes the impending Heat championship half a degree less odious.

  4. Humor is all good and well. But these are the playoffs. Be freaking serious.

    THIS is why I still don’t feel right about picking the Heat to win.

    “We just wanna chill”.

  5. Daddy Bosh and the Heat spanked dat New York Azzz!

  6. I hate liking this team. But they really are a team and you gotta love that

  7. If Bosh rolled out for intros wearing a Cosby sweater, I might – MIGHT – get to like the guy again.

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