NEW YORK — Down 3-1, the New York Knicks still have little chance of upsetting the Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

But their odds of rallying got a bit better thanks to LeBron James’s temper tantrum following Miami’s 89-87 loss in Game 4 Sunday.

James received medical treatment on his left hand, damaging it when he punched veteran teammate Juwan Howard’s metallic walking cane inside the Heat’s locker room following the game. James left Madison Square Garden with his hand bandaged and his arm in a sling.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra offered little about the injury.

“I’m not going to comment until I see or hear what’s going on,” Spoelstra said. “Apparently, his hand is bruised. How severe I don’t know. I’m trying to learn a little bit more about it.

“We’re just going to see how severe it is when the doctors get done with it.

“I just know we need to get Juwan a new cane. I’m worried he won’t be able to get home.”

Dwyane Wade sounded as if James would be missing time.

“It’s tough,” he said. “You get emotional. You make a mistake, you see a walking cane, you punch it. And now you deal with the repercussions.

“You’d be surprised how often an NBA player punches random shit following a loss.”

If James cannot play in Wednesday’s Game 5 in Miami … well, that’d be ridiculous seeing as none of this actually happened.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. I saw the title and expected the link to lead me to The Onion.

  2. Hey Skeets, rumors have it you have been to Madison Square Garden and shared sorbet with some pretty cool people. Answer me this, are walking canes even allowed in the stadium?

  3. ahaa this is funny. got me a bit scared

    • Ok! Me too! I was like, he better not have! He can take his azz and his talents back to Ohio! Poor Juwan Howard…lol!

  4. Good stuff Skeets!

    Would have been more hilarious if LeBron missed and actually hit Juwan Howard’s knees.

    • Does Juwan Howard have knees anymore?

      Good article. Skeets and Tas should find time to writer more for TBJ, imo.

      • good question, rumor around the league is that juwan has saved a little from each of his 40 some contracts and just had bionic knee replacement…in an attempt to play ball until he can stumble onto a championship team.

    • Definitely. 100% funnier. Because he’s old

  5. stupid LEBRON! not only a Choker.

    Why don’t u just take the last shot instead of Wade.

    • u obviously didnt read the end of the article which clearly stated “If James cannot play in Wednesday’s Game 5 in Miami … well, that’d be ridiculous seeing as none of this actually happened.” y dont u make sure u read the article and get all the facts before u make comments like this u dumbass dipshit

  6. Well you almost had me going, and by almost I mean did. I was stupid enough to believe this because it is extremely clever and devilish and is designed by a bunch of no good NBA watching rascals that know how to play to a gullible shell shocked NBA audience. Screw you guys I’m going home!

  7. Gutted! Has me thinking yes! Could those bum chums in Miami be stuttering again!!! Alas we were pranked! Come on the ABM! (anyone but Miami!)

  8. I’m pretty sure the Heat are trying to pull a fast one here…

  9. I expected a story about Ty Lawson smacking the girl who ran onto the court after the Nuggets loss, and then needing brain surgery after her craziness was transmitted to him.

    Too far? Yeah. Too far.

  10. There is something to be said for a Canadian who has nothing better to do than post crap like this during the NHL playoffs.Make a career choice clown.Comedian or sports writer

    • No one forced you to read the article. If you only care about hockey, go watch hockey and stay off the bball page. Personally I’d rather read jokes about ball than read anything about hockey so I don’t read hockey articles.

      Good work TBJ keep it up

    • What? That doesn’t make any sense. You’re on a basketball website complaining about a basketball blogger not talking about the NHL playoffs?

      Do you realize how ignorant/dumb your comment was?

    • #winning ……………………

    • We got a smart one here!

  11. Oh, btw, I HATE the Heat.STILL not funny.

    • Aw, Juwan Howard signed on to let us know just how unfunny jokes like this are. Well… Ok Juwan, we understand, and we’ll stay off your lawn, too.

  12. congratulations, the basketball jones. your story has been picked up by one of espn’s highest paid employees. sure, it’s a month later, but better late than never.

    “OK, LeBron is not perfect. Threw a Gatorade cup. Punched a walking stick. Carries that stupid little man purse. But if you were to fill a plane with the most spoiled superstars in the country, he’d be boarding in the D group.”

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