After the Denver Nuggets dropped Game 4 against the Los Angeles Lakers, Charles Barkley made some interesting points with regards to the Nuggets’ big men rotation. And by “interesting,” I mean this, as described by ESPN’s Jon Greenberg:

Barkley deserves his Emmy for calling Kosta Koufos “Couscous.”

As best I could tell, the mispronounced name came out as “Kostas Couscous,” which is pretty much perfect, aside from being almost completely incorrect. But it was funny, if only because it means Charles Barkley knows that couscous exists.

But why stop there? Kostas Couscous got good reviews, so why not expand this naming convention to other players and get some serious recognition on foodie blogs around the world? It’d be silly not to.

What follows is a list of various food-based mispronunciations that Charles Barkley can use — free of charge — during the next “Inside the NBA” broadcast.

  • Kobeans Fryant
  • Arron Wafflalo
  • Morris Almond
  • Crisp Paul
  • Leandro Samosa
  • Raja Bellpeppers
  • Bibimbap Biyombo
  • Earl Bacons
  • Smelton Brand
  • Kiwi Leonard
  • Carmelon Anthony
  • Jose Calzeron
  • Christian Pieyenga
  • Omri Casspinach
  • Dante Honeyham
  • Eddy Curry
  • Stephen Curry
  • Marquiche Daniels
  • Lasagna Diop
  • Kevin Duranch Dressing
  • Flancisco Garcia
  • Jeremy Panko
  • Paul Pears
  • Channing Fry
  • Danelbow Macaroni
  • Tyler Hamsbrough
  • Shane Batter
  • James Charden
  • Tyler Honeycutt
  • Ryan Hollinsdaise
  • Reggiano Evans
  • Swisschard Jefferson
  • Andrea Bargnaani
  • Brocc Lipez
  • Jason Snacksiell
  • Ian Tahini
  • Jan Fusili
  • Pepsi Scola
  • O.J. Mayonnaise
  • Luc Richard Mbahi Mahi
  • Dirk Nowitziki
  • Emeka Okrafor
  • Chandler Persimmons
  • J.J. Breadick
  • John Salmons
  • Brian Scaloppine
  • Josh Selerby
  • Hasheem Thabeets
  • Ekpe Orzo
  • Von Wafer

Feel free to carry on in the comments.