After the Denver Nuggets dropped Game 4 against the Los Angeles Lakers, Charles Barkley made some interesting points with regards to the Nuggets’ big men rotation. And by “interesting,” I mean this, as described by ESPN’s Jon Greenberg:

Barkley deserves his Emmy for calling Kosta Koufos “Couscous.”

As best I could tell, the mispronounced name came out as “Kostas Couscous,” which is pretty much perfect, aside from being almost completely incorrect. But it was funny, if only because it means Charles Barkley knows that couscous exists.

But why stop there? Kostas Couscous got good reviews, so why not expand this naming convention to other players and get some serious recognition on foodie blogs around the world? It’d be silly not to.

What follows is a list of various food-based mispronunciations that Charles Barkley can use — free of charge — during the next “Inside the NBA” broadcast.

  • Kobeans Fryant
  • Arron Wafflalo
  • Morris Almond
  • Crisp Paul
  • Leandro Samosa
  • Raja Bellpeppers
  • Bibimbap Biyombo
  • Earl Bacons
  • Smelton Brand
  • Kiwi Leonard
  • Carmelon Anthony
  • Jose Calzeron
  • Christian Pieyenga
  • Omri Casspinach
  • Dante Honeyham
  • Eddy Curry
  • Stephen Curry
  • Marquiche Daniels
  • Lasagna Diop
  • Kevin Duranch Dressing
  • Flancisco Garcia
  • Jeremy Panko
  • Paul Pears
  • Channing Fry
  • Danelbow Macaroni
  • Tyler Hamsbrough
  • Shane Batter
  • James Charden
  • Tyler Honeycutt
  • Ryan Hollinsdaise
  • Reggiano Evans
  • Swisschard Jefferson
  • Andrea Bargnaani
  • Brocc Lipez
  • Jason Snacksiell
  • Ian Tahini
  • Jan Fusili
  • Pepsi Scola
  • O.J. Mayonnaise
  • Luc Richard Mbahi Mahi
  • Dirk Nowitziki
  • Emeka Okrafor
  • Chandler Persimmons
  • J.J. Breadick
  • John Salmons
  • Brian Scaloppine
  • Josh Selerby
  • Hasheem Thabeets
  • Ekpe Orzo
  • Von Wafer

Feel free to carry on in the comments.

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  1. For the man himself….Charles Barley

    Pepsi Scola was my personal favorite.

  2. Andrea Biryani and Jose Toblerone?

  3. Bismack with fries

  4. Ramen Sessions
    LeBreakfastBran James
    YI Chow Mien

  5. Two-for-one: Samuel Dalembert/Marcus Camby = Camembert


    (Tas voice)

  7. Tyson’s Chickandler
    Matthew Brinner
    DeMar DeRoastin

  8. What about

    Jeremy Lentil

  9. Don’t forget:

    Jrue Hollaindaise
    Chip Hamilton
    John Walnut
    L’orange James
    Anthony Bone Marrow Soup
    Metta World Pizza
    Andrew Fry-nums
    (Luol) Bangers and (Steve) Mash
    Jared Spudsley
    Pasta Koufos

  10. Okay guys… how long did you spend on this?

  11. Ooh, thought up a couple more:

    Seabasstian Telfair
    Nikola Vuceviche

  12. Kinda feel like it should have been JJ Breadstick instead of Breadick.

  13. About 5 seconds…just looked at Barkley and took out a k….not exactly alot of effort on my part.

  14. Thabo Sefoloxand cream cheese

  15. did we forget the obvious one,
    BigMac Biyombo
    Andrea Pastrami
    just two of my favorites

  16. Gerald Subwayless

  17. Dijon Rondo and Gravy Vasquez

    Both delicious condiments

  18. All of these are amazing but L’orange James, Metta World Pizza and Nikola Vuceviche cracked me up big-time.

  19. Tim Dunkin Donuts

  20. that pic looks more like ebola than couscous!!!

  21. Bill Lamb beer
    Dennis Codman
    Charles Oatley
    Shawn Breadly
    Dominique Wheatthins

  22. Metta World Peach. Sammich Camembert. Lee Kris Humpfries. Caviar Garnish. Andris Porkrinds.

  23. Magic Mushrooms Johnson

  24. Kevin Garnish
    JaVeal McGee

  25. Ke-vinegar-nett
    Derrick rosé
    Costa ouzo
    Jerry steakhouse
    Pollo gasol

  26. how about sports bloggers?
    Bologna Jones

  27. Feta whirled peas

  28. Steve Hashbrowns
    Jason CollardGreens
    Boris Colesl-iaw

  29. Haha obviously TBJ fans love their puns. Good job everyone :D

  30. Kevin Garnish
    Brandon Bass
    Mikael Peaches
    Savory Bradley

  31. Taco Milicic…

  32. Tray of Cured-Beef

    J.E. Sheetcake

    Tas Melons

  33. Lamar Odomame
    Dijon Rondo
    Michael Peasley

  34. Wizards Three course meal:
    John Walnut
    Swiss-chard Lewis
    Shelvin Mack-n-cheese

    Served up by Brian Cook and Trevor Cooker

  35. … this entire post and all those comments made my day (thx, mobile internet devices!)
    I failed at not laughing out loud in the subway tho.
    plus, i just have to add more names now (this is addictive!)

    Leandro BarBQbosa
    David ChiLee
    MilkShake Battier
    (or: Patty Millkshake)
    Jason WhisKidd
    Danilo Bagellinari
    …and of course: Luke Kebabbitt

  36. Hedo Turkeylegs. Look Hair & Goaty. Kyle Carnivor.

  37. Corey spaghetti!!!

  38. Would have gone with Chandler Parsnips.

    Kyle Lawrie’s
    Ramen Sessions
    Kenneth Pho-ried

  39. Bread Barry
    Cooked Rabbit (for Luke Babbitt of course)
    Frank Bagel
    Imam Schumpert
    Lettuce Kleiza
    Matt T-boner
    Andrew Yogurt
    Darren Chocolison
    Stephon Pillsburry
    and maybe the one i like most Kebab Gill

    Good job guys, epsecially with the Kevino Durant was ‘tastic!!!

  40. No

    I will not be participating in this tomfoolery.

  41. Leigh Ellis’ favorite Twitter account: @callmemisskimmedmilk

    (Also, a shoutout to Tas’ Randy Soy Milk)

  42. corn on the Cob City

    Bake Muffin

  43. Best post ever.

  44. I really enjoyed Pepsi Scola, Kevin Duranch Dressing and Dante Honeyham

    LaMarcus AlDente

  45. Caramel Anthony

  46. Piery Irving
    Vegie Miller

  47. LaMarcus Artichoke

  48. Awesome.


    Jeremy Lindor Ball

    Kerry Skittles

    JaVale McGhee

  49. How ’bout the coaches?
    Avery Breadly, Vino DelTaco, Mike Brownies, Erik Spoeghetti, Scarf Brooks, George Karl’s Jr., Berry Drew, (or Dairy Drew), Stan Van Gummy, Franks Vogel, LimaBeans Hollins, Country Crock Rivers, Greg Pastavich, Tyrone Albacorebin, Dog Collins (But only in some parts of the world,) Tom Ribodeau, and Pike Woodson

  50. Chrisp Squash
    Brad Vanilla
    Aleksandar Pavlova

  51. Leigh might like this one:

    LaMaccas Aldridge

  52. Kentucky Faried Chicken.

    These things write themselves.

  53. Danny Bangers & Steve Mash…

  54. Metta World Geese (might be a bit weak). Or, Baked Chicken (Blake’d Chicken works too).

  55. Salomon Alabi could be just “salami” in one word

  56. Let’s get gourmet Steve Ganache.

  57. I completely lost it at “Bake Muffin” (great Lobster City shoutout).
    also, the Big Apple’s very own Caramel Anthony cracked me up^^

  58. Dekimbe MaGumbo, Carmelo Anchovy, Saucy Billups, Michael J’Ordon Bleau, Bill Ruffles
    James Worthers Originals Hard Candy, Philly Cheese Steak Jackson, EJ’s Meato Stat of the Night, Shaquille O’Meal, Jeremy Gin and Tonic, Jeremy Linburg Steak, Jason Cherry
    Mike Ribby, HaCream Olajuwant-some-more?, MarQuiche Daniels, Half Man-Half A’Glazing, Tracy McGravy, Allen Iversauce, Tony Roma’s Allen, Glen RICE!, Chocolate Thunder, Steve Kurds, Manu Ginnobubbli, Spice Lee, Derek Fisher ‘n Chips, DatTrilStackWine……

  59. Kobe Bean Bryant? LOL I cheated. Pasta Vujacic, Marshmellow Anthony, Kobari Stoudemire, Veggie Evans, Cook Lopez, EJ’s Cheeto Stat-of-the-night, Fry Lawson.

  60. This is great.

    Also, how about some Caramel and tuna? I guess some stuff that’s good doesn’t mix very well with other stuff that’s also good. Only talking about food, of course…

  61. Kung Pau Gasol!!

  62. Jeremy Lindor Truffles!

  63. How about Iman Sherbet!!

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