Ep. 816: Talkin’ Sports!

On today’s audio-only edition of “The Fix,” Skeets, Tas and Trey weigh in on all eight series from a busy NBA weekend. Topics discussed include: The James Harden Takeover, Caron Butler playing with a fractured hand, Grizz-Clips free throws, the Lakers’ big shots, why Utah’s size hasn’t been an advantage, Amar’e redemption, Spoelstra’s odd coaching decisions, Baron’s knee-cap, poor Noah, unstoppable Rondo, and whether the Magic will run that small line-up in Game 5.

All that, plus the worst stalker ever, “Kosta Couscous,” lacrosse, and NBA hugs.


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Comments (16)

  1. The early Vince Carter hate reminded me of some of my favorite Vince Carter related quotes,

    “Half man, Half Sit out the season.”

    “I’m a GM in fantasy basketball and I’m a GM on playstation, so on playstation I probably would have gotten a little more, but this is real life, so I don’t know.”
    -Jalen Rose on a Vince trade

    And another Jalen Rose gem on whe he outplayed Vince
    “He probably was a little tired from All Star Weekend. While he was running up and down the court throwing it off the backboard, I was laying on the beach drinking a fruity drink with an umbrella. So I probably gave myself an unfair advantage on that one”

  2. Kobe – Blake.. that wasn’t a hug, it was a struggle snuggle.


    That awkward moment when you have a huge dunk and a teammate hugs you from behind.

  3. woah tas was on fire today! great show today in general!

  4. LOL at Tas’ Coors Lite Iced Tea closer

  5. Galinari’s flop may have cost the Nuggets the game (and the series). How’s that for all the flop haters out there? That’s like the anti-flop V-Day.

  6. Why does Skeets hate Mike Bibby so much? He’s pretty crappy, I guess, just wondering if there was some kind of inciting event or something.

  7. Wonder if dirk seen a 4-0 in his minds eye.

  8. Can we just fast-forward to round 2?

    The only series worth watching right now is the Grizz-Clips.

  9. Is counterbalance it out a Skeetsism? (when talking about Reggie Evans). Isn’t it balances it out?

  10. This is worth to read,everyone enjoy it.

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