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Waking up this morning, I didn’t know it was going to be The Food Metaphors Jones, but I guess that is what is happening. First, Charles Barkley does his couscous routine. Now, Kevin Garnett is explaining that the Celtics coming on late is like baking a cake. It makes sense to him, so just go with it.

From WEEI:

“I always like to use baking a cake as an example,” said Garnett. “Nothing’s going to come out of the first two minutes. You have to sit there and wait on it, for y’all who know how to bake. Some of y’all don’t know how to bake, but don’t worry about it. Ask your mothers and fathers or something — someone who knows how to bake. But it’s very similar to that. You have to give it time for it to turn into what it’s going to be. Time tells everything when the results come, and I’m just glad we’re in a nice rhythm right now.”

Unlike cooking, baking is a science. Thanks to the different leavening agents, chemical processes and other baking terms, you have to be very precise when you are baking a cake, preferably yellow with chocolate frosting (the best cake) of which I ate at least three quarters of a 9×13″ pan last week. When you think of it like that, this is actually a very apt comparison to the Celtics.

Because they’re old, slow and offensively challenged, the Celtics have to do everything right to win a game. They have to stay constantly focused on defense, run through their sets and make their shots when they get them. Otherwise, the cake doesn’t rise, and when you bite in to it all the moisture in your mouth instantly disappears. (In this scenario, the cake is the winning score and the mouth moisture is points? I don’t know any more.)

Basically, Kevin Garnett is saying you have to wait for a delicious cake/the Boston Celtics to be good. I think that is the point and I think he’s right. Baking is complicated and so is basketball, but if you do it right, you’re going to be happy with the end product. Good things come to those to wait and the Miami Heat used an Easy-Bake Oven, or something like that.