“It always feels good to get a hug from Kobe. It means you did something right.”Steve Blake

I don’t mean to rain on Steve Blake’s hug parade, but getting a hug from Kobe Bryant isn’t that huge of an accomplishment. I mean, if Chrises Mihm and Tucker can pull it off — not to mention DeShawn Stevenson — then you know that the club isn’t that exclusive. If Kobe will hug those guys, he’ll hug anyone.

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  1. He should kiss the foreign players on the cheek.

  2. Kobe hugged a 19 year old hotel employee about ten years ago as well. Alledgedly hugged that is.

  3. This is gay….

    *Grant Hill and Jared Dudley walk in*

    Oh shit.

  4. If Kobe will hug anybody then how is group ‘illustrious’ mr. Kerbz ??? Hhhhmmmmm???

  5. Sarcastic Trey Kerby is sarcastic.

  6. Marc Gasol just hugged an official

  7. … where’s a pic with Cabbie (Cabral Richards) getting his?

  8. Pau and Kobe always have the best hugs

  9. This comment thread is all-star material

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