Things of Note for May 7, 2012

Ballin: If you didn’t pick the Heat to sweep because you thought Carmelo Anthony could steal the Knicks a game, then yesterday was your day. Melo went for 41 on 15-29 shooting, hit 10-14 free throws, added six rebounds and four assists, grabbed a steal and turned the ball over just once. A gentleman’s sweep seems in order, but still a grand performance.

Not so much: Erick Dampier was the Hawks’ fifth leading scorer, tallying more points than Jeff Teague, Kirk Hinrich, Jason Collins (duh) and Willie Green, who all played more minutes. In related news, the Hawks lost by 22 in Al Horford’s return. And honestly, it wasn’t even that close.

What the bloodclot?: Here’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the playoffs, including Jason Collins’ smiling face.

Turns out this lady has a history of stalking Kenyon Martin, even though she was eight years old when he entered the NBA. She was supposedly in Denver looking for Kenyon, but must not have heard that he went to the Clippers or just got mixed up when someone told her, “He’s on L.A. now.” Either way, super weird. Who stalks Kenyon Martin when Method Man is way friendlier?

Tracking: I may have missed something, but I’m pretty sure Landry Fields is the only Knick who high-fived Amar’e Stoudemire’s taped-up left hand. He only did it once, and it was early in the first quarter, so he probably forgot. Story kind of flew under the radar, so it’s understandable if it slipped his mind.

Amazers: This play by LeBron James is stupid. Just filthy.

What is Tyson Chandler supposed to do there? Good defense, good contest, solid foul and still a basket and a free throw. Crazy.

So good: How great is this picture of Roy Hibbert hanging out with Andy and April from “Parks and Recreation?” Answer in the pre-colon part of this entry.

Standard: I had turned off the Celtics-Hawks beatdown by this point, but here’s Rajon Rondo doing Rajon Rondo moves.

Better luck next time, Jason Collins.

Lockouts suck: The 1998-99 season was a sad one for Bulls fans, as the 3-time defending champs were completely dismantled and won just 26 percent of their games on the year and we were all sad. This lockout season has seen the league’s reigning MVP miss significant time during the regular season, blow his knee out upon returning for the playoffs and then see the team go down 3-1 to an eight seed, who will probably end up eliminating the Bulls from the playoffs. Worst part is that eventually people will forget Derrick Rose was out and it’ll just look like the Bulls choked in the postseason. So yeah, lockouts are NOT CHILL for Bulls fans. Ugh.

Other things: Decent dunk from Josh Smith, though it says something about him that this doesn’t seem like it’s anything special … Nice pink pants, LeBron James … You are not going to believe it, but this Paul Pierce knee injury wasn’t actually serious … Important weekend face news: JaVale McGee’s mom, Chris Paul’s son … Here’s the weirdest possible video about Al Harrington’s mask