Forgive Clippers fans for not realizing they should probably catch their franchise savior when he goes hurtling in to the crowd. It has been a while since they had somebody worth saving, so it’s understandable that they wouldn’t help Chris Paul as he lands back-first on some hard metal stairs. They are a bit out of practice and I’m sure his back will be fine. At least that lady on the right got her picture, which she’ll surely post on Facebook with the caption, “This is Chris Paul’s severely bruised back.”

Maybe take some hints from these people, who handled an Eric Bledsoe cruise missile like real pros.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone be as happy to have a sweaty dude smash in to them as Ms. Jean Jacket is right here. And I’m also not sure I’ve ever seen someone be as nonplussed by a 200 pound human projecticle as Madame Pink Pants on the left there. Either that text message is super important or she works in casting and sees this sort of thing all the time at stunt man auditions.

Maybe the Bledsoe catchers can do a little tutoring with the Paul dodgers. Or maybe the Staples Center can just play a 90s rock doc during pregame warmups, just so everyone can see that catching diving people is a good thing if everyone does it together. Whatever it takes to not drop Chris Paul when he’s leaping through the air is worth it.