Ep. 817: The Closer

On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Monday night’s two games, Grizzlies-Clippers and Spurs-Jazz. Topics discussed include: Chris Paul’s overtime jumper, Blake’s breakout performance, a frustrated Zach Randolph, MIA Marc Gasol, Caron Butler’s D, foul trouble, flopping, Mayo, Manu, Corbin adjusting a little too late, Captain Jack, and what could be a very long week of rest for the Spurs. All that, plus Nick Young’s “Cosby” shirt, volleyball, photography, and predictions for tonight’s Game 5′s.

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Comments (9)

  1. Would it be a bad idea for the Grizz to play Conley-Allen-Mayo-Gay-Gasol at the end of games when the Reggie Evans-Blake Griffin combo is on the court? I know Z-Bo wouldn´t like the idea but still…

    I think it would be interesting.

  2. Here’s what happened: Cliff wouldn’t let Theo spend $60 (or so) on the Gordon Gartrell shirt he wanted, so his sister offers to make it for him for cheap. When she makes it, it sucks. That’s funny.

  3. Trap Chris Paul… easy coaching decision…

    • when they’ve trapped he just makes the pass to the open shooter or blake/reggie inside for a layup/dunk. doesn’t solve anything.

  4. The flopping wasn’t bad last night, guys? I must have watched a different game because I thought it was egregious. I am not a grizzlies fan. I don’t have a horse in this race, but the more I watch the more I find myself cheering against chubby little Chris Paul and the Clippers/tumbleweeds. Man, I hate flopping.

  5. poor guys didn’t have enough sleep… I say give me some more late games… I was just getting up for work here in europe and it was crunch time… woo-hoo

  6. Hey duders,

    Are you still doing your spot on nba.com during the playoffs?

  7. One of my favourite parts of the Fix is the clearly audible laughter from other crew members when Skeets/Taz/Trey either say something funny or do something stupid. Never lose that.

  8. This is worth to read,everyone enjoy it.

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