“Hubie Brown says it wrong too, and he coached me!”Pau Gasol, when asked about Kenny Smith’s constant butchering of his last name’s pronunciation

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  1. that pronunciation dude on youtube is hilarious, until u heard him lika a hundred times, then it’s just creepy

  2. I don’t think anyone really cares, but the important thing to know is that Gasol’s name isn’t Spanish, it’s Catalan (a language spoken by about 8 million people in and around Barcelona). In Catalan, a single s is pronounced like a z (as in French and often in English). The more difficult part is the stressed o — imagine an extremely proper British person saying “bore” and you’re pretty close. The closest I could write it is ga-ZAHL.

  3. I thought it was pronounced “ga-thol” since he is from Barthalona in eThpain.

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