Things of Note for May 8, 2012

Ballin: 27 points, nine rebounds and seven assists for Chris Paul, who took over overtime in last night’s Clippers win. Plus, in an effort to keep things fair, he turned the ball over twice in overtime. Nice guy, that Chris Paul.

Not so much: Paul Millsap, Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks combined to go 4-32 from the field in the Jazz’s series-ending loss to the Spurs. The Jazz also failed to make a 3-pointer and shot .364 from the field for the game. Better luck next year.

Platonic ideal: I have to agree with Dick Stockton. This is a spectacular end-to-end foray.

I really like how Blake pretty much just dunked that oop as a way to shield himself from smacking face-first in to the rim. Gotta protect the moneymaker.

Shoes of the night: Gilbert Arenas’ sneaks caused quite a stir last night. Those were the “Lightning” Jordan IVs, if you’re curious.

Loopty doop: The Jazz might have been swept last night, but Devin Harris still turned in some highliggitylights like this bad boy.

Also this block, which was cool. Thanks for the relevant blog content, Devin Harris.

Swaggy P: Nick Young’s shirt and Nick Young’s shoes. Why not?

Worth it: Here’s your Schuhmann Stat of the morning — “DeAndre Jordan, getting paid $10 million, has played a total of three 4th quarter/OT minutes in three close playoff games.” Ugh.

Flop city: Here’s Chris Paul flopping when a referee touches him.

I guess Lionel Hollins was right.

Forecasting: Four games tonight, all of which could end their respective series. Just for kicks, I’ll go Indiana, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Other things: Patrick Ewing will be interviewing for the Bobcats job, which is just another stage of Michael Jordan’s career-long humiliation of the Georgetown big man … If James Harden is really dating Trina then I like him even more. Whoop whoop, pull over and so on and so forth … Maybe it was because it was so late and I was going crazy from eating tortillas with cheese, but these guys behind Dick Stockton and Chris Webber were killing me last night … Hassan Whiteside is a real bad mammajamma … Word on the internet street is that Mike Woodson is going to get an extension

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  1. Those guysy behind c-webb got me, too… But I just got up and was having breakfast, so it might work that way as well…

  2. That CP3 clip cracks me up, can’t believe I missed that last night. You also made the same exact picks I did about an hour earlier. No idea if that’s a good or a bad thing. As for the Bobcats I think since the regular season ended I’ve seen “rumors” on numerous web pages and twitter accounts that indicate that the Bobcats are interested in just about every name under the sun, at this point in time the only breaking news should be who the Bobcats are not interested in.

  3. That CP3 clip is frickin hilarious!!! Knicks MILPCAT (Most Improbable Legendary Playoff Comeback of All Time)!!!!!

  4. Clippers are a disgrace to this sport. If the entire opposing team is in foul trouble by the half and the game lasts longer than a football game, well i think its time for some flop rules.

    • Get over yourself, everybody flops in this league. People only like to point it out when Griffin does it. Watch the series, and you’ll see Gasol, Conley, Gay and others flop as well.
      Also, it’s not just the opposing team that’s in foul trouble. Griffin was the only player to foul out this game.
      The Clippers have actually committed more fouls this series, and the Grizzlies have taken more free throws. The long game is a result of 1. Physical play on both sides resulting in a lot of foul calls for both teams and 2. The games actually being close, unlike every other playoff game so far. Don’t complain about the games going too long when we are getting high quality basketball. We got an overtime period last night, 5 extra minutes of intense basketball, and you complain.

      • you have absolutely nothing to back up what you say. yeah blake fouled out because he’s spent this entire series climbing over z-bo and gasol’s back. the fact that he fouled out last nite has nothing to do with how much he flops so don’t try to justify one thing with something completely different. show me video/gifs/whatever of the Grizz flopping and i might take your dumbass seriously.

        • You don’t really need flopping rules as much as you do a flop rule. First flop of game = warning. Second = personal foul. Third = technical. The only problem is that every ref is going to have a different definition of flopping.

        • The series has been physical both ways. Randolph and Gasol have been climbing over people’s backs just as much as Griffin and Evans.
          And justifying flopping by saying Griffin fouled out? Is that what I said? I was responding to you saying the entire Grizzlies team was in foul trouble, when in fact so were many of the Clippers, including Griffin. That part had nothing to do with flopping.
          Look, I don’t like flopping, and I don’t like that Griffin does it. But still, some things need to be clear:
          1. Everybody flops. Watch any NBA game, people flop. Everyone just calls out Griffin for it all the time, to the point that people call flop when he gets legitimately hit. It’s over the top.
          2. Until the refs do anything about it, players will keep doing it. If it gets a player a call, why not use it to their advantage? The same way Tony Allen will get away with grabbing Paul’s arms(he does this a lot on defense) or any big man will lock arms with another big while boxing out, a player will flop if the calls are going their way.
          Rudy Gay had a pretty egregious flop in game 3, but I can’t find a link to it at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy this classic from Tony Allen.

          • wow way to post a video from 4 months ago, guy. i thought we were discussing this series. you know, the one where you claim the 2 most under the rim big men in the league are jumping on the two most athletic big men’s backs, even though they usually dont even jump to get boards/putbacks. and yer right, that was just some good hard physical play from the ref on chris paul. while you’re looking for some evidence to back up your claims, see if you can find some timeout footage from last night when CP3 and Blake are holding their eyes/nose/heads and crying on the way back to the bench. they can’t even turn off the flopping when the clock stops.

      • and if you think i’m complaining about an extra 5 minutes of basketball you are absolutely clueless. it took almost 2 hours to get thru the first half because your favorite divas flopped and complained the excitement out of the game.

        • So just because the video is from 4 months ago means it’s not a flop? Is it any less of a flop? The point I’m making is that flopping is not restricted to the Clippers. Everybody does it.
          And I didn’t realize you were being so literal about “jumping” on guys’ backs. (And I just reread your first comment, where you said “climbing” not “jumping”. Even the most unathletic guys can climb on people’s backs) The point being, Gasol and Randolph are playing just as physically under the basket, if not more physically, than Griffin and Evans. It has nothing to do with how athletic they are.
          The ref play was a bit much, but what did it cost anyone? All it was worth was some unintentional comedy. You’re acting as if flopping is some super cheat code that only the Clippers have access to and is the only reason they’re winning. News flash: EVERYBODY flops, and until the refs/NBA changes something, it will keep happening.
          And you talk about them crying and holding their faces, etc. The game is physical, and people do get hit. Watch some of those replays where you say Blake flopped, and you will see he actually takes quite a few forearms to the face. Paul busted his lip open in a previous game, I don’t think you can flop hard enough to make your lip bleed. Butler broke his hand. The game is physical, and guys will get hurt.

          • the “harmless” flop chris paul pulled on the ref resulted in a double technical. did you even watch the game?

          • and don’t try to steer this into some argument about the game being “physical”. we’re all aware of how the playoffs work. its not the physical part thats the problem. its the theatrical nonsense that follows, that in this series, is pretty much completely orchestrated by the clippers.

          • LOL at turb0. “resulted in a double technical” does not effect the game. The only effect it has is if it results in an ejection if one of the players get another technical. So, yes, Daniel was right when he said it did not cost anyone (except for provide some good comedy). Your comments reek of a sore loser, bet you won’t be complaining much if the Grizzlies won the game. Clipper hater?

          • flopping is not the biggest problem in the NBA. Lack of effort, bad management and terrible plays are. Would rather watch multiple repeats of that Clips-Grizz games with heart, soul and effort than one Wizards-Bobcats game. if i could change one thing, the first thing that comes to mind wouldn’t be flopping.

          • LOL @JT so deliberately pretending to get hurt after a call and drawing penalties doesn’t effect the game? hah whatever dude. clipper hater? not necessarily. i didnt hate them last year when Blake had a respectable (albeit one dimensional) game. They could be playing the Suns for all i care. when they carry themselves like bitches, i refer to them as bitches. if yer fav brand of basketball is watching an entire team whine at the refs like a bunch of entitled brats, knock yourself out.

          • @JT ok guy so how exactly does the league make a rule condemning lack of effort, bad management and terrible plays? my comments and perspective are realistic. yours arent. get on my level.


  5. How about the block by Bledsoe (6’0) on Speights (6’10) that led to the alley oop?!!

    • I stopped reading the exchanges back and forth after the first 5-6 responses, when things got more personal and less bball related.

      Here is the truth: Everyone flops. Clippers are one of the worst if the worst offenders in leauge.

      If its a disgraces or not I don’t know, Depends on your level of dislke for flops. But keep in mind that they are called “Flop City ” by Tas for a reason.

  6. LOL at the girl in the hat on the flop.

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