Things of Note for May 8, 2012

Ballin: 27 points, nine rebounds and seven assists for Chris Paul, who took over overtime in last night’s Clippers win. Plus, in an effort to keep things fair, he turned the ball over twice in overtime. Nice guy, that Chris Paul.

Not so much: Paul Millsap, Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks combined to go 4-32 from the field in the Jazz’s series-ending loss to the Spurs. The Jazz also failed to make a 3-pointer and shot .364 from the field for the game. Better luck next year.

Platonic ideal: I have to agree with Dick Stockton. This is a spectacular end-to-end foray.

I really like how Blake pretty much just dunked that oop as a way to shield himself from smacking face-first in to the rim. Gotta protect the moneymaker.

Shoes of the night: Gilbert Arenas’ sneaks caused quite a stir last night. Those were the “Lightning” Jordan IVs, if you’re curious.

Loopty doop: The Jazz might have been swept last night, but Devin Harris still turned in some highliggitylights like this bad boy.

Also this block, which was cool. Thanks for the relevant blog content, Devin Harris.

Swaggy P: Nick Young’s shirt and Nick Young’s shoes. Why not?

Worth it: Here’s your Schuhmann Stat of the morning — “DeAndre Jordan, getting paid $10 million, has played a total of three 4th quarter/OT minutes in three close playoff games.” Ugh.

Flop city: Here’s Chris Paul flopping when a referee touches him.

I guess Lionel Hollins was right.

Forecasting: Four games tonight, all of which could end their respective series. Just for kicks, I’ll go Indiana, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Other things: Patrick Ewing will be interviewing for the Bobcats job, which is just another stage of Michael Jordan’s career-long humiliation of the Georgetown big man … If James Harden is really dating Trina then I like him even more. Whoop whoop, pull over and so on and so forth … Maybe it was because it was so late and I was going crazy from eating tortillas with cheese, but these guys behind Dick Stockton and Chris Webber were killing me last night … Hassan Whiteside is a real bad mammajamma … Word on the internet street is that Mike Woodson is going to get an extension